Handheld PA’s & Megaphones

Choosing the Right Handheld PA & Megaphones Hand-Held PA’s & Megaphones: There Is No Such Thing As A Small Audience Megaphones: A megaphone is a cone-shaped device designed to amplify spoken words or manufactured sounds (such as a warning siren). Megaphones have a long history stretching back to the ancient world. They are a naturally occurring acoustical enhancement. In other… Read the rest

Fender Passport Portable PA Systems

Fender Passport Deluxe PA Systems vs. Fender Passport Deluxe Plus Systems This article compares the older self-contained Fender Passport Deluxe PA systems to the newer Fender Passport Deluxe Plus sound reinforcement systems. Both the Fender Passport Deluxe PA systems and the Fender Passport Deluxe Plus PA systems include everything you need to project great sound for general presentations as well… Read the rest

Powered Megaphones & Bullhorns Amplify Speech

How To Choose a Powered Megaphone or Bullhorn What Are They? Embed from Getty Images Megaphones, also known as bullhorns, are instantly recognizable because of their distinctive conical or bell shape. For literally thousands of years sound, and particularly the human voice, has been projected by megaphones. This is due to the natural acoustic properties of a parabaloid. The shape… Read the rest

Get a Podium & PA System That’s Right for You

6 Guidelines to Choosing a Podium & PA System Are you looking for a PA system for your next formal event that not only amplifies voices but also dignifies your presentation? Podiums provide such features as  built-in sound systems, authoritative appearance, and portability to a wide variety of presentations. Podiums are incredibly versatile, with styles and features to accommodate rooms… Read the rest

A Rain-or-Shine Solution for Outdoor Events

Rally Your Listeners With a Portable Hailer Sound System Summer’s arrival means different things to different people: boat races, baseball games, parades, even marching band competitions. What do all these events have in common? For each of these events, it’s crucial to get a portable sound system that lets your voice be heard in all kinds of weather conditions. Loud… Read the rest

7 Outdoor Sound Reinforcement Solutions

For outdoor events, you need a sound reinforcement system that packs the power necessary to make your voice and/or music heard. Indoors, acoustic reflections help the sound system amplify the sound. Outdoors, these reflections disappear, taking with them the perceived power of your system. To provide the same level of sound reinforcement as an indoor system, an outdoor system must… Read the rest

Line Array vs. Point Source PA Systems: Which is Ideal for You?

speaker on TV standAll PA systems (or public address systems) have three things in common: a microphone to pick up sound, an amplifier to boost it electronically and at least one speaker to broadcast it to a listening audience. Beyond these commonalities, PA systems come in all shapes and sizes, from handheld megaphones at football games to massive, scaffold-mounted systems with dozens… Read the rest

7 Solutions to Common Wireless Microphone Problems for Event Planners

Wireless microphones are a favorite standby for event and meeting planners. As an event planner, you’re likely aware of the many benefits that wireless microphones offer. Wireless microphones offer superior mobility for your presenters, help reduce stage clutter and tripping hazards, are incredibly easy to use, and come in a variety of configurations, including options for handheld or hands-free microphones,… Read the rest

5 Tips To Help Event Planners And A/V Technicians Work Together

microphone equipmentAs an event planner, you’re known for your superhuman feats of organizational strength. You help create your event’s schedule, secure a venue, accommodate the needs of your presenters and register hundreds of attendees, all the while with a deadline and budget looming over your head. The one thing you may need help with, however, is A/V production. Don’t worry, you’re… Read the rest

5 A/V Tricks to Boost Attendee Engagement at Your Next Event

conference microphonesEvent planners pride themselves on mastering every detail of their meeting, conference or lecture series. But it’s often easy for planners to overlook the most important event planning detail of all: attendee engagement. Event planners should know that the quality of a venue’s A/V infrastructure plays a critical role in the ability of a presenter to engage an audience. Bad… Read the rest