Audio Equipment for Social Distancing

In the time of COVID-19, the way we interact and communicate with each other must be rethought. Luckily, advances in technology have created diverse audio solutions that make communicating across distance easier and meetings safer. Public Events: Megaphones, Loudhailers, and Compact PA Systems If you need to host a public event, indoors or outdoors, you may find it more challenging… Read the rest

Church Sound Systems & the Volunteer Engineer

Guidelines for Volunteer Sound Engineers: How to Work in Churches and Public Spaces Previously, we discussed how to choose a sound system for a church or other place of worship. We will now address how that church sound system is put to use. Guiding principles for using volunteer sound engineers: In setting up the sound system in a church or… Read the rest

8 Features of Tabletop Lecterns & Lectern Housings to Consider Before Buying

All lecterns theoretically fit on a table or desktop, and, unlike free-standing podiums (that stand on their own pod or foot), lecterns are relatively small and portable. But some lecterns are less portable than others. These lecterns tradeoff weight and portability for other features that may be of equal or greater importance. As a result, tabletop lecterns come in a… Read the rest

Signal Flow of a Typical PA Setup

Understanding Signal Flow in 4 Simple Steps Understanding signal flow is important to have a nuanced and complete understanding of how audio systems work. Here’s the basic list: An input transducer (such as a microphone or pickup) to intercept a sound signal and convert it into an electronic signal. An amplifier to boost the weak signal produced by the pickup… Read the rest

Get a Podium & PA System That’s Right for You

6 Guidelines to Choosing a Podium & PA System Are you looking for a PA system for your next formal event that not only amplifies voices but also dignifies your presentation? Podiums provide such features as  built-in sound systems, authoritative appearance, and portability to a wide variety of presentations. Podiums are incredibly versatile, with styles and features to accommodate rooms… Read the rest

A Rain-or-Shine Solution for Outdoor Events

Rally Your Listeners With a Portable Hailer Sound System Summer’s arrival means different things to different people: boat races, baseball games, parades, even marching band competitions. What do all these events have in common? For each of these events, it’s crucial to get a portable sound system that lets your voice be heard in all kinds of weather conditions. Loud… Read the rest

8 Features to Consider When Shopping for a Midsize PA System

First things first – what exactly is a portable PA (public address) system, let alone a midsize PA system? Sound systems encompass everything from a humble megaphone to the acres of Marshall stacks used at the biggest rock concerts. What all these sound systems have in common is that they use a microphone, amplifier and speaker to magnify sound… Read the rest

7 Outdoor Sound Reinforcement Solutions

For outdoor events, you need a sound reinforcement system that packs the power necessary to make your voice and/or music heard. Indoors, acoustic reflections help the sound system amplify the sound. Outdoors, these reflections disappear, taking with them the perceived power of your system. To provide the same level of sound reinforcement as an indoor system, an outdoor system must… Read the rest

Line Array vs. Point Source PA Systems: Which is Ideal for You?

speaker on TV standAll PA systems (or public address systems) have three things in common: a microphone to pick up sound, an amplifier to boost it electronically and at least one speaker to broadcast it to a listening audience. Beyond these commonalities, PA systems come in all shapes and sizes, from handheld megaphones at football games to massive, scaffold-mounted systems with dozens… Read the rest

2 PA Systems With Bluetooth Cure Your Audio Presentation Blues

Anchor Audio PA systemAdding audio to your presentations should be simple: just hit play on your device, and sound comes out of your PA system. Right? As many event planners have found out the hard way, it’s not so easy. Different media players have different audio adapter sizes, cords aren’t always long enough and PA systems don’t always offer enough audio inputs. Fortunately,… Read the rest