A Rain-or-Shine Solution for Outdoor Events

Rally Your Listeners With a Portable Hailer Sound System

Amplivox Quad Sound Cruiser Vehicle Mounted PA System

Summer’s arrival means different things to different people: boat races, baseball games, parades, even marching band competitions.

What do all these events have in common?

For each of these events, it’s crucial to get a portable sound system that lets your voice be heard in all kinds of weather conditions.

Loud hailer PA systems do just that as they rally your friends and fans!

2 & 4-Speaker Hailer Systems for Drive-by Sound Bites

Whether you’re a parade announcer or the leader of the pep squad, you can’t assume the crowd will come to you. You need to go to them, even if that means hitting the road.

That’s why you should consider driving your message home – literally – with a portable hailer sound system that mounts on your vehicle.

A vehicle mounted PA system consists of durable weatherproof speakers to mount on the exterior of your car, van, truck, or even your boat.

Many feature wireless microphones, and some give you the ability to play CDs or other media. They run directly from DC current from your car battery, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice.

For busy city streets, or anywhere pedestrians congregate along sidewalks (such as a parade route), the best vehicle-mounted PA system to reach everyone in the crowd is a roof-mounted PA with bullhorn-like hailer speakers that project sound to both sides of the street.

A two-speaker hailer system is an ideal way to make sure your message is heard by everyone, whether they’re lining the streets or packing the bleachers.

Amplivox offers several models of this type of Sound Cruiser system with both wired and wireless microphones. As an example, the Amplivox SW312 includes a wireless mic and two speakers that deliver 50 Watts of power with a range of up to 100 yards.

The speakers are mounted using non-marring suction cups and tie-down straps, so they won’t mess up the roof of your car or van.

What’s more, the speakers and mounting system are weatherproof, so you can even broadcast in the rain!  You can even use the Sound Cruiser to deliver your message to beaches and bridges from a boat.

The SW312 comes with a wireless headset microphone and bodypack transmitter for convenient hands-free speech.  It also comes with an auxiliary input so you can plug in a CD player or other external audio source.

The Sound Cruiser’s speakers are powerful, but they also deliver clear, rich sound, whether you’re rousing team spirit or broadcasting your company’s jingle.

If you’re looking for more coverage than two speakers can give you, consider an upgrade to the AmpliVox Quad Sound Cruiser with four speakers which provide 360 degree broadcasting. This is ideal if your vehicle is parked in the middle of a crowd in an open space, or if you’re projecting to crowds gathered in the round at a stadium.

Expandable & Portable Half-Mile Hailer Systems for Field Events

Amplivox Half Mile Hailer Outdoor Sound System

You can’t drive into the middle of a soccer field. And a megaphone or handheld PA won’t have the wattage or range to reach listeners spread around a wide area.

In events with a stage or a large number of loosely gathered spectators, the most portable, easy-to-set up, and powerful solution is an expandable bullhorn-based PA system like the Amplivox Half Mile Hailer.

Expandable hailer PA systems can cover areas as big as a football field. For large field events where the spectators are spread out, Amplivox Half Mile Hailers are a popular and weather-resistant choice.

This sound reinforcement system features an amplifier with two rugged speaker horns mounted on stands. It is expandable with the addition of more speakers, making it easy to stretch your sound a full 100 yards along the sidelines.

Like their cousins the Sound Cruisers, Half Mile Hailer PA systems include features like audio inputs for music players and wireless microphones.

Amplivox Hailer systems run on batteries or an optional rechargeable battery pack, both supplying up to 200 hours of operation, so you won’t have to hunt for an outlet.

Get the Ideal Hailer PA System for Your Next Event

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