How To Buy a TV Listening System

How to Buy a TV Listening System and Hear What You’ve Been Missing on TV! With hearing loss, simple home activities like watching TV can become a problem, not only for the person who is hearing impaired, but also for the other members of the household. To cope with hearing loss, many people simply crank up the volume on their… Read the rest

7 Steps to Choosing a Classroom PA System

Between the challenges presented by poor acoustics and the noise generated by boisterous students, it can sometimes be difficult for teachers to make themselves heard. One easy and affordable solution to this problem is a mini classroom PA system. The right PA system can turn any unfocused class into one that shines. But how do you know which mini PA… Read the rest

Church Sound Systems & the Volunteer Engineer

Guidelines for Volunteer Sound Engineers: How to Work in Churches and Public Spaces Previously, we discussed how to choose a sound system for a church or other place of worship. We will now address how that church sound system is put to use. Guiding principles for using volunteer sound engineers: In setting up the sound system in a church or… Read the rest

Wide-Band (WB) vs. Narrow-Band (NB) FM Systems

When to Use Wide-band vs. Narrow-band FM Systems? Wide-Band FM systems are the correct choice when you are dealing with a limited budget, a relatively small number of simultaneous broadcast channels, a good ambient environment with little radio interference, and low fidelity voice applications as opposed to music. Narrow-band is an excellent choice in suburban or rural areas. Narrow-band FM… Read the rest

8 Features of Tabletop Lecterns & Lectern Housings to Consider Before Buying

All lecterns theoretically fit on a table or desktop, and, unlike free-standing podiums (that stand on their own pod or foot), lecterns are relatively small and portable. But some lecterns are less portable than others. These lecterns tradeoff weight and portability for other features that may be of equal or greater importance. As a result, tabletop lecterns come in a… Read the rest

Signal Flow of a Typical PA Setup

Understanding Signal Flow in 4 Simple Steps Understanding signal flow is important to have a nuanced and complete understanding of how audio systems work. Here’s the basic list: An input transducer (such as a microphone or pickup) to intercept a sound signal and convert it into an electronic signal. An amplifier to boost the weak signal produced by the pickup… Read the rest

A Rain-or-Shine Solution for Outdoor Events

Rally Your Listeners With a Portable Hailer Sound System Summer’s arrival means different things to different people: boat races, baseball games, parades, even marching band competitions. What do all these events have in common? For each of these events, it’s crucial to get a portable sound system that lets your voice be heard in all kinds of weather conditions. Loud… Read the rest

8 Features to Consider When Shopping for a Midsize PA System

First things first – what exactly is a portable PA (public address) system, let alone a midsize PA system? Sound systems encompass everything from a humble megaphone to the acres of Marshall stacks used at the biggest rock concerts. What all these sound systems have in common is that they use a microphone, amplifier and speaker to magnify sound… Read the rest

3 Sound Solutions to Help Get the Word Out

Satisfy ADA Rules & Make Services More Rewarding With Assistive Listening Devices Most churches and houses of worship are subject to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means that, for public meetings and religious services, ADA-compliant listening systems should be available on premises. Even houses of worship which are exempt from ADA compliance have found that… Read the rest

The 6 Principles for Choosing a PA System That’s Right for You

Anchor Audio PA systemLike any sound reinforcement system, a PA system — or Public Address system — has three components:  – A pickup device (such as a microphone) to convert sound waves into an electronic signal  – An amplifier to boost the weak signal produced by the pickup to a level that can power a speaker  – A loudspeaker to convert the electrical… Read the rest