Wide-Band (WB) vs. Narrow-Band (NB) FM Systems

When to Use Wide-band vs. Narrow-band FM Systems?

Wide-Band FM systems are the correct choice when you are dealing with a limited budget, a relatively small number of simultaneous broadcast channels, a good ambient environment with little radio interference, and low fidelity voice applications as opposed to music.

Narrow-band is an excellent choice in suburban or rural areas.

Narrow-band FM systems are also the correct choice when you need to overcome an environment with large amounts of radio interference, a relatively large number of simultaneous broadcast channels, and high fidelity music or voice applications.

Hopefully you now have the information you need to make the best choice for your event. Browse through the AudioLink website and we are sure you will find the equipment you need at the right price.

Listen Technologies are particularly appropriate for narrow-band applicatons with the additional advantage of a clean digital interface. Williams Sound also offers high-end narrow-band applications but is more commonly known for its wide-band applications.

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