Recording & Transcription

AudioLinks has extensive experience providing recording and transcription services for high-profile complex events. The events range in size from fewer than 50 people to conventions with over 10,000 attendees.


Our audio engineers can make sure you get a professional recording of every speaker, presentation and discussion. The professional audio engineers of AudioLink Services will install and maintain sophisticated audio systems at the site of your proceeding. We work with you, from initial planning to wrap-up, to ensure a clear, crisp recording.


If you require transcription of your audio proceedings, AudioLinks can provide that as well. The transcriptionists of AudioLink Services are chosen for their outstanding linguistic skills in addition to their expertise in specialized fields. Our experienced transcriptionists recognize and overcome the unique challenges of creating a transcript that includes multiple voices.

Is your transcript in a language other than English? We not only translate transcripts and other documents, but also transcribe recordings in more than 150 languages and dialects. And if you want to transform your transcripts or their translations into legal documents, your documents can be certified for acceptance by government agencies and professional organizations throughout the US and in more than 50 jurisdictions around the world.

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Also note that RUSH rental service is available

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