Audio Equipment for Social Distancing

In the time of COVID-19, the way we interact and communicate with each other must be rethought. Luckily, advances in technology have created diverse audio solutions that make communicating across distance easier and meetings safer.

Public Events: Megaphones, Loudhailers, and Compact PA Systems

If you need to host a public event, indoors or outdoors, you may find it more challenging to be heard by the same number of people: when everyone is standing six feet apart, everyone is further away.

There are a number of solutions to this problem, and your needs and price points will help determine the best option for you.

Megaphones are the least expensive option, and are perfect for crowd management. Some models even come with a siren feature to get the attention of the crowd.

At a slightly higher price point, loudhailers can cover larger distances with better fidelity than megaphones. Loudhailers are excellent when you can mount them on a vehicle or structure, as they are less portable than megaphones. If you need to communicate with a widely spread out group of people in an outdoor setting and you need something for less than $600, a loudhailer might be your perfect option.

Finally, if you need more amplification than a loudhailer or megaphone can provide, or if you are looking for something portable that can be used indoors as well as outdoors, you will probably want to consider a PA system. PA systems can differ greatly in price, wattage, and ideal use, but they all have three things in common: an amplifier, speakers, and a microphone. sells a variety of PA packages that include everything you need to get started: just plug them in and start using them!

The Work Place: Intercom Systems for Socially Distanced Communication

The work place has become one of the primary culprits in the spread of COVID-19. Factories and warehouses are especially vulnerable to spreading illness as noisy settings force workers to speak loudly to each other in close proximity.

Two-way intercom systems can eliminate the need to shout or stand near co-workers, however. The systems allow colleagues to speak at a quieter volume (aerosolizing fewer droplets that may contain a virus) from socially safe distances.

Listen Talk two-way systems, in particular, offer clear communications from a best-in-class manufacturer. Simply push the button to talk to your co-workers and wait for their reply.

Noise-cancelling headsets provide even more clarity for noisy work environments where it can be difficult to hear over the sound of machinery.

Even in non-COVID times, these systems are extremely useful in allowing colleagues to speak more easily over greater distances, saving time, protecting vocal cords, and helping to slow the spread of more mundane viruses like the common cold and flu.

Meetings: Socially Distanced Meetings beyond Zoom

As the spread of the Coronavirus slows and regulations begin to ease, it may make sense to begin to hold meetings in person again, but it likely will still not be safe for groups to gather in close quarters and sit next to each other.

Conferencing systems can help bridge this gap, literally and metaphorically. Conferencing systems allow clear communication between a group of people during meetings and conferences. Each participant has a microphone that amplifies their voice, and a moderator has access to a central control unit so that they can control who speaks when and facilitate the flow of conversation.

Conferencing systems are expandable and can work for groups of as few as five people to as many as a hundred!

And, if you need a conferencing system for a short period of time, Audiolinks can rent you a system: we offer delivery, set up, and sanitize all equipment before you use it.

Times are difficult right now, but the right audio equipment can make social distancing easier and keep everyone safer. Give us a call for help determining the right solution for you.