About AudioLinks

Nowadays AudioLinks is really two companies – an online retailer of quality audio and video equipment, and a service company with professional engineers who facilitate meetings and do permanent installations of AV equipment for conference facilities.

But AudioLinks wasn’t always a retailer, or even an installer.

In fact, AudioLinks had its start as a service company – providing simultaneous interpreters and simultaneous interpreting equipment to international meetings which required UN-style set-ups for multi-lingual audiences.

After about a half dozen years AudioLinks was growing nicely. We were moving along, interpreting, recording, transcribing and generally facilitating meetings all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. AudioLinks was even working with meeting planners in Europe and South America.

Then along came September 11, 2001.

With our headquarters only a block from the World Trade Center we faced an instant crisis. Within a few weeks of September 11, virtually every booking we had for the next 18 months was cancelled.

What was to be done?

The remaining staff was sitting around among the shipping crates and the cables and wondering how we would meet payroll of even the few employees who remained. That’s when we decided to sell the equipment, new and used, on our small new website.

We took each sale as an opportunity not only to get a little cash, but also to help people who were looking at their own set of post September 11 problems. We started selling specialized equipment for tour groups and for people who needed hearing assistance. We helped people who were setting up home studios. We offered tape duplication advice and (later) digital recording and duplication equipment and services.

Each step, each new product was exciting in itself.

We were helping others and ourselves and waiting for the demand for conference services to come back. And it did come back. But along the way we found a new way to do business.
We offered the same kind of professional engineering service to people who wanted to own their audio visual equipment as we once offered to corporate meeting planners and facility managers. And we still do.

For a free consultation to discuss your audio needs, please call, toll free in the United States, 1-800-263-0112 .