Audio Equipment for Social Distancing

In the time of COVID-19, the way we interact and communicate with each other must be rethought. Luckily, advances in technology have created diverse audio solutions that make communicating across distance easier and meetings safer. Public Events: Megaphones, Loudhailers, and Compact PA Systems If you need to host a public event, indoors or outdoors, you may find it more challenging… Read the rest

What’s in the Future for Wireless Mic Users?

3 Questions to Help You Understand New FCC Rules FCC wireless mic restrictions, although in place since last year, officially take effect on January 5, 2011! In 2010, the FCC reallocated the entire 698-806 MHz UHF frequency range for use by emergency responders and wireless devices such as smart phones and PDA’s. Some wireless microphone systems, which had operated in… Read the rest

Headphones vs. Headsets – Earpiece Speaker, Speaker Configuration & Connectivity

3 Major Differences between Headsets and Headphones I can remember a time when headphones fulfilled a very specific purpose in my life – being able to play my favorite music as loud as I wanted without disturbing anyone else around me. My presently-diminished hearing is testament to the fact that I liked my music extremely loud and that headphones of… Read the rest

Wide-Band (WB) vs. Narrow-Band (NB) FM Systems

When to Use Wide-band vs. Narrow-band FM Systems? Wide-Band FM systems are the correct choice when you are dealing with a limited budget, a relatively small number of simultaneous broadcast channels, a good ambient environment with little radio interference, and low fidelity voice applications as opposed to music. Narrow-band is an excellent choice in suburban or rural areas. Narrow-band FM… Read the rest

Wireless Microphone Systems

How Wireless Microphone Systems Work As an audio technician, I have witnessed a revolution in the conference industry. As sound quality and reliability have increased and cost has decreased, wireless microphone systems have become very popular. They have thrived for one important reason: eliminating the microphone cable connection frees you to walk across the stage, among the audience, (and, sometimes,… Read the rest

Fender Passport Portable PA Systems

Fender Passport Deluxe PA Systems vs. Fender Passport Deluxe Plus Systems This article compares the older self-contained Fender Passport Deluxe PA systems to the newer Fender Passport Deluxe Plus sound reinforcement systems. Both the Fender Passport Deluxe PA systems and the Fender Passport Deluxe Plus PA systems include everything you need to project great sound for general presentations as well… Read the rest

6 Questions to Ask when Purchasing Classroom Headphones

Headphones are essential audio components that allow private playback of speech or music at personally comfortable volume levels. In the classroom, headphones attach to media players or listening centers so students can interact with audio programs at their own pace without disturbing others. While ordinary consumer headphones are ideal for playing tunes during a quick jog or a long bus… Read the rest

Overhead Projectors

Features to Consider Before Purchasing an Overhead Projector Overhead projectors combine an old technology with new technology options to create machines which are both reliable and versatile. Available Buhl and 3M overhead projectors give you a wide range of choices to supplement almost any presentation. The question is which overhead projector is right for you? To help you decide we… Read the rest

8 Features of Tabletop Lecterns & Lectern Housings to Consider Before Buying

All lecterns theoretically fit on a table or desktop, and, unlike free-standing podiums (that stand on their own pod or foot), lecterns are relatively small and portable. But some lecterns are less portable than others. These lecterns tradeoff weight and portability for other features that may be of equal or greater importance. As a result, tabletop lecterns come in a… Read the rest