What is the Difference Between Active and Passive PA’s?

Fender PA SystemTwo Main Types of PA Systems In the world of portable and permanent PA systems, you will usually hear the words “active” and “passive” when describing the type of PA system being used. This blog will explore what the real differences are, the pro and cons, and why you may want to use one over the other. A lot of… Read the rest

Portable PA Systems With 30 Watts of Power (or less)

Samson PA system7 things to consider when deciding if a “mini” PA system will suit your needs. The least expensive of the PA systems – PA systems with 30 Watts of power or less – provide a wide range of highly functional solutions to the problems of sound reinforcement. Because they are relatively easy to manufacture, this segment of the market is… Read the rest

6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Portable Sound System for Your Classroom

portable PA system with headset micThe proper sound system can critically impact student performance in your classroom. Classroom sound systems include any sound reinforcement system that amplifies a teacher’s voice to reach all corners of the classroom, overcoming background noise and enhancing student concentration. A portable classroom sound system provides an affordable solution for teachers seeking a simple-to-use system that’s easy to carry from place… Read the rest

Handheld PA’s & Megaphones

Choosing the Right Handheld PA & Megaphones Hand-Held PA’s & Megaphones: There Is No Such Thing As A Small Audience Megaphones: A megaphone is a cone-shaped device designed to amplify spoken words or manufactured sounds (such as a warning siren). Megaphones have a long history stretching back to the ancient world. They are a naturally occurring acoustical enhancement. In other… Read the rest

Introducing a True Wireless Portable PA System

Most PA systems that are available commercially are portable. Now portable means many things to many people. For instance, I have personally worked with a portable PA system that weighed in at 75 pounds (that’s 34 kilograms for you metric fans). But, regardless of weight, a portable sound system is not meant to be permanently installed. But what a portable… Read the rest

8 Features to Consider When Shopping for a Midsize PA System

First things first – what exactly is a portable PA (public address) system, let alone a midsize PA system? Sound systems encompass everything from a humble megaphone to the acres of Marshall stacks used at the biggest rock concerts. What all these sound systems have in common is that they use a microphone, amplifier and speaker to magnify sound… Read the rest

7 Outdoor Sound Reinforcement Solutions

For outdoor events, you need a sound reinforcement system that packs the power necessary to make your voice and/or music heard. Indoors, acoustic reflections help the sound system amplify the sound. Outdoors, these reflections disappear, taking with them the perceived power of your system. To provide the same level of sound reinforcement as an indoor system, an outdoor system must… Read the rest

5 Portable PA Systems For Large Venues

Large sound systems must be powerful, but these 5 PA systems are portable too! For large venues, PA systems need power. The portable sound systems we recommend drive large, heavy-duty loudspeakers with amplifiers rated at 100 Watts or better. In addition, the large PA systems we recommend are more portable. These PA systems use lighter loudspeaker magnets; integrate compact digital… Read the rest

The 6 Principles for Choosing a PA System That’s Right for You

Anchor Audio PA systemLike any sound reinforcement system, a PA system — or Public Address system — has three components:  – A pickup device (such as a microphone) to convert sound waves into an electronic signal  – An amplifier to boost the weak signal produced by the pickup to a level that can power a speaker  – A loudspeaker to convert the electrical… Read the rest

Line Array vs. Point Source PA Systems: Which is Ideal for You?

speaker on TV standAll PA systems (or public address systems) have three things in common: a microphone to pick up sound, an amplifier to boost it electronically and at least one speaker to broadcast it to a listening audience. Beyond these commonalities, PA systems come in all shapes and sizes, from handheld megaphones at football games to massive, scaffold-mounted systems with dozens… Read the rest