5 Portable PA Systems For Large Venues

Large sound systems must be powerful, but these 5 PA systems are portable too!

For large venues, PA systems need power. The portable sound systems we recommend drive large, heavy-duty loudspeakers with amplifiers rated at 100 Watts or better.

In addition, the large PA systems we recommend are more portable. These PA systems use lighter loudspeaker magnets; integrate compact digital multi-effect devices; and include what used to be outboard devices. It is not unusual for the PA systems recommended below to include built-in wired and wireless mics, a multi channel mixer, and graphic equalizers.

Try one of these large portable PA systems and let us know if you don’t agree that PA technology has entered a whole new age.

Samson Expedition portable PA systems for large venues

Among Samson’s large portable PA systems, we recommend the Expedition XP510i with two 10-inch  loudspeakers featuring a full range of lows, mids, and highs. Powered by the a 500 Watt stereo mixer with 250 Watts per channel, this modular PA systems is easily integrated into a variety of large venues such as clubs, theaters, schools, and houses of worship. A true audio workhorse, Samson’s large PA systems are built for reliable performance, long life, and interlocking portability.

Fender Passport portable PA systems for large venues

The Fender Passport 300PRO 300 Watt PA systems incorporate a unique design which delivers high fidelity audio, wide horizontal projection and digital reverb. These characteristics are not usually found in traditional PA systems, let alone large PA systems. Fender 300PRO PA systems take the guesswork out of getting great professional sound suitable for live performances. All Fender Passport PA systems are designed with a unique, portable carrying case utilizing Fender’s patented latching suitcase.

Anchor Audio's Liberty PA systems

Anchor Audio Liberty portable PA systems for large venues

The Anchor Audio Liberty PA systems are large sound systems designed for crowds of up to 2,000 people. These battery-powered PA systems are highly portable and deliver an extraordinary 117dB of clear sound. Liberty PA Systems are used at press conferences and at thousands of schools around the world. These premium large PA systems include wireless receivers, MP3 players, heavy duty speaker stands and a variety of microphone options.

Califone's PowerPro PA systems

Califone’s large portable PA systems

Califone Wireless PowerPro PA systems can expand to a virtually unlimited number of wireless companion speakers. These speakers, rated at 90 Watts (RMS), enable these Califone PA systems to accommodate any large venue. PowerPro PA systems are AC/DC powered for indoor/outdoor use with a built-in charging circuit. Other features of these large portable PA systems include a cassette player and recorder, a programmable CD Player, and 3.5 inch “go anywhere” casters.

AmpliVox portable PA systems for large venues

AmpliVox makes a number of large portable PA systems, but our favorite is the B9151 Partner PA system, pictured at top. These AmpliVox portable PA systems feature crystal clear sound, durable construction and the convenience of built-in UHF wireless operation. Like the Califone PowerPro, these PA systems expand to a virtually unlimited number of wireless companion speakers to accommodate any large venue. A little bit more powerful than the Califone PowerPro, the Travel Audio Pro PA systems deliver your message with 100 Watt peak RMS output. These systems come with built-in wireless receivers, your choice of mic and transmitter, floor mic stands, a dynamic handheld mic with 25-ft. cord and two heavy duty tripods.

Call or email us if you have any questions about which large portable PA systems are right for you.