Introducing a True Wireless Portable PA System

Most PA systems that are available commercially are portable.

Now portable means many things to many people. For instance, I have personally worked with a portable PA system that weighed in at 75 pounds (that’s 34 kilograms for you metric fans).

But, regardless of weight, a portable sound system is not meant to be permanently installed. But what a portable PA system does provide is a ‘self-contained’ unit which includes some or all of the following:

Portable PA systems plug into a wall outlet (AC powered); and/or
A portable sound system may operate from a rechargeable battery pack (DC powered).
A portable PA system includes an amplifier with a mixer;
and a portable PA has built-in speakers that will handle up to six channels.

Other features may include stands, microphones, and/or CD/MP3 players.

However, now there is a new option in the market place: the wireless Public Address (PA) system.

I am not talking about the relatively new micro and mini PA systems that are one step up from a megaphone.

These small PA systems often have the added convenience of either a handheld microphone or a body pack transmitter. Small PA systems are ideal for small groups and meetings. But a small PA system is limited when it comes to a sizable audience. When convening a larger group, you are generally constrained to use more powerful systems and (until now) this meant using hard wired cables that are not only intrusive but also can be dangerous when speaker cables must be run throughout a venue.

Nor am I talking about those PA systems which call themselves wireless because they include a wireless mic. Even though AudioLink carries these so-called wireless PA systems (and I really do like them for what they are), I have never really felt comfortable with the advertising. Especially because I am the one tripping over those speaker wires.

Introducing the Califone PowerPro Portable Wireless PA System

But now, with the advent of the new Califone PA-919 PowerPro, a true wireless PA system is born!

Designed for any venue, the Califone PowerPro is the first portable PA system to offer wireless transmission to any number of its powered companion speakers, meaning it has virtually unlimited expandability to handle any situation. PowerPro is a complete self-contained, portable sound system with two built-in wireless mic receivers, a CD player, a variable speed cassette recorder/player and features 90-watts RMS of power with a single unit easily covering crowds of 500 people or more. You also get the option for two additional microphones for a total of four mics.

The Califone PowerPro also offeres some great PA features including visual confirmation of power, radio frequency and audio reception for each of its two wireless receivers through a set of five LED lights on the front of the speaker. Its 10” high-powered woofer is driven by a 40 ounce magnet (the heaviest and most efficient in its class) and a high-frequency compression driver for optimal audio reproduction. The Califone PowerPro also has independent bass and treble controls, digital master volume control, power status indicator, a universal power supply and is C-UL and CE approved safe for use in schools and other public venues.

Don’t forget our AudioLink FREE consultation. AudioLink account executives can advise you on both the best PA system for your venue. The wireless PA system by Califone is just one great option for you to consider.