2 PA Systems With Bluetooth Cure Your Audio Presentation Blues

Anchor Audio PA system

Adding audio to your presentations should be simple: just hit play on your device, and sound comes out of your PA system. Right?

As many event planners have found out the hard way, it’s not so easy. Different media players have different audio adapter sizes, cords aren’t always long enough and PA systems don’t always offer enough audio inputs.

Fortunately, there’s a wireless solution that’s a standard feature on many smartphones and media players, and on most laptops: Bluetooth.

An easy way to add audio to  presentations

Bluetooth allows you to stream audio from your device directly to a compatible receiver — and manufacturers are adding Bluetooth receivers to their PA systems as a simple, near-universal solution to audio presentation woes.

How does it work? Simply turn on Bluetooth on your device, select the PA system’s receiver from your device’s Bluetooth menu and pristine digital audio emerges from your PA system.

Two notable manufacturers of PA systems with Bluetooth are Anchor Audio and Amplivox, who have made Bluetooth standard in all of their systems, including the following two PA systems:

1. Liberty PA Systems by Anchor Audio

Anchor Audio is a leading manufacturer of PA systems for presentations featuring speech and/or music, for everything from conferences to pep rallies. Their PA systems range in size from handheld portable devices to powerful stereo systems with multiple speakers for large halls.

In 2015, Anchor made Bluetooth standard in their Beacon, Go Getter and Megavox lines. Anchor has also added Bluetooth to its flagship system, the Liberty PA. Like the one pictured above, this PA is a powerful, full-featured system that adapts to venues of different sizes, in both stereo and mono configurations.

With both wired and wireless microphone options, the Liberty is a great fit for mobile presenters on large stages. But what about presentations that require a more formal, authoritative air?

2. Podiums with Built-in PA Systems by Amplivox

Podiums and lecterns such as those manufactured by Amplivox are a great way to add gravitas to your presentations: and now Amplivox offers 150-watt PA systems with Bluetooth built-in.

Amplivox podiums come in a variety of finishes and styles to fit all events, from slim, contemporary models to wide-platform multimedia podiums featuring space for laptops, projectors, or other devices.

What’s more, the built-in 150-watt PA system with Jensen-designed speakers provides clear audio to audiences of hundreds of people, making Amplivox podiums a great choice for events in small to mid-size venues.

Amplivox Podium

Which Bluetooth PA system is right for your audio presentations?

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