Need a PA System? Try the Fender Passport PA System

Fender PA System

If you’re looking for a portable, easy-to-use amplifying device that delivers plenty of audio support and power during a performance or event, try a Fender PA system.

The Benefits of Using a PA System

As the technical director of an a cappella group, I love gear and favor products that deliver power and support.

But I am also a performer in the group, and need something that is easy and simple to set up, use and tear down.

I also need something that is portable to transport between shows.

Lastly, I need an amplifying device that is versatile and powerful enough to sound loud but not too loud for our small to mid-size gigs – we typically book shows in small halls and church environments, so we just need an extra boost of support to fill the room without drowning out each venue.

Using a portable model from the Fender Passport PA System line helps meet all of these needs with ease.

A PA system has many benefits:

  • Provides volume without sounding too loud.
  • Enhances the acoustics of your venue’s room.
  • Allows quick setup and simple tear down.
  • Great idea for when a large, full-scale microphone setup is impractical due to space and/or time constraints.
  • Portable for easy transportation between shows and gigs.

My group uses the 300-watt Fender Passport 300Pro PA System, which is flexible and powerful enough for each of our gigs.

Why I Love the Fender Passport 300Pro PA System

The Fender Passport 300Pro is our go-to PA system for all of our shows.

Here’s why:

Simple and quick setup:

  • Built-in speaker side clips unbuckle for quick setup.
  • Speakers “pop” onto stands for easy mounting.
  • Cables run vertically down sides of stands for simple, hassle-free cable management.
  • Ready to use out of the box – no need to run levels or to have an engineer handy.

Easy portability:

  • Self-contained design stores like luggage for easy transportation.

Amazing features:

  • 4 built-in inputs for microphones and 1/4 in. instruments.
  • Built-in RCA cable inputs for computer and iPod connection.
  • “VIP” feature allows the volume of microphone channel 1 to sound louder than the rest – perfect for leads and solos.
  • Built-in reverb functionality.

At our gigs, the Fender Passport 300Pro is set up in five minutes, does not require an audio engineer to run, and fits into the back of my truck, with room to spare for my microphone stands and cases.

As you can see, the system is an excellent amplifying device for any singer, musician, band or small performance group.

A Fender Passport 300Pro PA system will get a lot of use at your shows, and is as necessary for any traveling artist as a passport.