Need A Mixer? Think Yamaha

Yamaha mixing board

A mixer is an essential device for recording and performing artists,  as well as audio engineers.

You can use a mixer almost anywhere to help meet your audio needs, including at a recording studio, business conference, church event or school play.

If you’re looking for a powerful, reliable and portable mixer, I highly recommend the Yamaha MG166CX 16-Channel Mixer with Digital Effects.

What Is A Mixer?

A mixer, or mixing console, is an electronic device that combines and manipulates digital or analog audio signals.

The manipulated signals are combined to produce output signals.

A mixer can alter, enhance and balance multiple audio levels simultaneously to help produce the exact sound you desire.

Mixers provide multiple channels and inputs to accommodate various vocal lines, musical instruments and sometimes prerecorded tracks, such as those played through a connected MP3 player.

What Mixer Is Right For Me?

A mixer should be able to suit all of your audio recording, monitoring and transmission needs.

For starters, you’ll need a mixer that can provide enough channels and inputs to help account for all of your sound requirements, including inputs for your vocal microphones, instrument cables and RCA connector cables.

A great mixer allows for flexibility when combining instruments or creating separate mixes for monitoring or recording.

Secondly, it helps if a mixer features great built-in effects and selectable presets. Internal effects can take the burden off of dragging around multiple effects pedals, such as guitar delay pedals.

Lastly, if you’re hauling gear in and out of your car between gigs on a regular basis like myself, the last thing you need is a heavy, clunky mixing console. Therefore, you’ll need one that is portable and lightweight, so you can avoid throwing out your back just to run sound.

So, what type of mixer should you get?

The Yamaha MG166CX 16-Channel Mixer With Digital Effects

If you want a powerful, dynamic and versatile mixer, I recommend the Yamaha MG166CX 16-Channel Mixer with Digital Effects.

Here’s some of what the Yamaha MG166CX mixer offers:

  • 16 total inputs
  • 10 microphone inputs
  • 4 stereo line inputs
  • 4 output buses
  • 4 mono groups
  • RCA stereo inputs
  • Built-in effects and presets
  • Lightweight, portable design

Inputs & Channels

The Yamaha MG166CX provides enough channels and inputs for use both in and out of the studio, from the sound booth to the stage.

The mixer features built-in compressors on six of its ten channels, which works perfectly for both your vocals and musical instruments. Furthermore, receivers can easily plug in via an XLR connection.

Its stereo inputs are great for large events, such as dances. All you need to do is connect the mixer to your laptop computer and music database to get the party started.

Additionally, cross fading from source to source is a breeze with the Yamaha MG166CX.

Personally, I use this mixer to help run sound for a traveling a cappella group. The group uses eight wireless microphones, all of which are accommodated for by the Yamaha MG166CX’s channels.

Built-In Effects

While using the MG166CX, you can apply a different sound effect to each channel, including reverb, delay, chorus, echo, distortion and flanger.

The mixer even features a foot switch plug, so you can turn the internal sound effects on and off remotely. This function allows you to shut off effects in-between songs, when performers typically like to chat with their audience.

When I run sound for the a cappella group, I like to utilize the mixer’s built-in reverb effect, which enhances the group’s performance by giving them a deep, full sound.

The built-in effects are reason enough to get this mixer in your hands.

Lightweight & Portable

The Yamaha MG166CX is light, easy to carry and fits into a standard road or rackmount case for convenience and easy portability.

Trust me: you’re going to want a lightweight mixer if you have to tote it around from gig to gig, event to event.

Wrap Up

If you want a great mixer, think Yamaha.

I’ve used the Yamaha MG166CX mixer on the road for several years now, and it continues to delivers a powerful performance every time I use it to run sound. I’ve even installed it at several concert venues.

If you are looking for a versatile, portable mixer for your voice-over recording studio or for your next show, speaking engagement, conference, school function or church event, the Yamaha’s MG166CX has got you covered.