Boomboxes Enter the Multimedia Age

What is a multimedia boombox? Multimedia boomboxes have come a long way from the suitcase-size systems that earned their bassy moniker with their explosive entry onto city streets in the mid-1980s. Generally speaking, boomboxes still follow the same familiar blueprint: a portable stereo system that plays a variety of media formats through self-contained speakers, often with enhancements to pump up… Read the rest

Get An Outstanding Lectern in 5 Simple Steps

How to Find a Lectern That Fits Your Needs & Your Desktop All lecterns theoretically fit on a table or desktop, and, unlike free-standing podiums, lecterns are relatively small and portable. But some lecterns are less portable than others. Tabletop lecterns come in a variety of sizes and shapes that serve a wide variety of functions. With so many… Read the rest

Megaphones & Bullhorns Get Your Words Heard

What Are Megaphones? Megaphones, also known as bullhorns, are instantly recognizable because of their distinctive conical or bell shape. For thousands of years,  the human voice has been projected by megaphones. This is due to the natural acoustic properties of their parabaloid shape, which  focuses sound waves to make them travel further, but in a narrow arc. What is relatively… Read the rest

5 Guidelines for Getting Your Ideal Podium

Get a Podium & PA System That’s Right For You A podium with a built-in PA system is in many ways a grown-up lectern. From school auditoriums to the White House, podiums are an essential part of formal presentations – both big and small. These 5 guidelines to getting your ideal podium will help you understand your needs and make… Read the rest

7 Crucial Features to Look For in a Media Cart or AV Cart

Media Carts Get your Gear Off the Ground Media carts or AV carts all serve the same basic purpose: to transport your AV equipment conveniently and safely from one place to another. Media carts and AV carts are particularly useful in schools and offices, where audiovisual equipment is not only used often, but also in different places. Media carts aren’t… Read the rest

Card Readers Help Students Read Better

Card Readers Improve Reading Skills In the Classroom & At Home It can be a challenge motivating your kids to keep learning outside the classroom. And we’ve got the tools to help you – namely, card readers! What Is a Card Reader? Card readers are interactive learning tools that use visual aids to help children better comprehend their lessons –… Read the rest

Portable PA Systems Ride to the Rescue When Teachers Are Hoarse

Portable PA systems are a great way to boost your voice for a long day of teaching! Small PA systems and mini personal sound systems come in a range of shapes, sizes, and prices. Some packages include a variety of mic choices, whether you need free hands for the blackboard or want to encourage student participation with a pass of… Read the rest