Card Readers Help Students Read Better

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Card Readers Improve Reading Skills In the Classroom & At Home

It can be a challenge motivating your kids to keep learning outside the classroom. And we’ve got the tools to help you – namely, card readers!

What Is a Card Reader?

Card readers are interactive learning tools that use visual aids to help children better comprehend their lessons – particularly those requiring repetitive drills.

Card readers are especially good at using bright visually-appealing graphics to make learning fun for younger children, although they’re suitable for students of all ages.

Their simple construction and durability makes them an affordable alternative to computers, especially for young children.

Card readers allow students to compare their pronunciations of words to pre-recorded responses, and to use blank magnetic recordable cards to record their progress as they build their verbal skills.

By providing both visual and audio cues, card readers build connections between written and spoken words.

What’s more, card readers allow students who are not reading at the same level as their peers the chance to practice correct pronunciation at their own pace.

Because of these advantages, card readers are ideal for use in speech therapy, remedial reading, and language learning applications.

How do Card Readers Work?

Card readers use the same magnetic technology as credit card machines to play short audio samples.

Durable laminated or cardstock cards which are easy for both kids and adults to handle are encoded with data on a magnetic strip. That strip is then decoded by the card reader which plays back the audio on a built-in speaker or through headphones.

You can get pre-encoded cards with a variety of different teaching programs. These programs are child-friendly, durable, and easy to use: simply insert the card into the reader and a short sound bite is “read” aloud.

Many card readers record as well as play. Recordable blank magnetic cards offer a great way to record custom interactive flash cards. The teacher or student simply records a word or phrase, which they can play back to help with reading and vocabulary through visual as well as aural cues.

Better still, laminated cards allow cards to be written on – and later re-used – so students can decorate cards with their own designs.

Card readers are a valuable tool to help your kids learn in and out of the classroom. For more ways to enhance your child’s learning experience, call 407-757-3326 or email us for a free consultation.