7 Crucial Features to Look For in a Media Cart or AV Cart

Media Carts Get your Gear Off the Ground

Media Carts like the Oklahoma Sound SCL Smart Cart

Media carts or AV carts all serve the same basic purpose: to transport your AV equipment conveniently and safely from one place to another.

Media carts and AV carts are particularly useful in schools and offices, where audiovisual equipment is not only used often, but also in different places.

Media carts aren’t just transportation – they’re also furniture. When you’ve got your projector or monitor on a cart, you don’t need to find a spare desk or table. Just move the cart to the optimal location and you’re presentation-ready.

Moreover, with the features now available in a media cart, these devices have become all-in-one platforms for multimedia presentations.

What 7 features should you look for when shopping for an AV or media cart?

Height: Many carts have height adjustable top shelves. Adjustable height is mandatory for positioning a projector, and helps make sure audiences in large rooms can see presentations on a monitor or TV screen.

Storage: Carts are all about secure storage. Media carts with locking cabinets are great for storing expensive AV equipment and accessories.

Durability: Steel carts are a durable and rugged choice for your AV cart. However, carts made of plastic such as polyethylene can give steel carts a run for their money, and they can save you money as well.

Stability: A tall media cart or AV cart carrying a large, heavy monitor can turn into a AV disaster if you take a turn too sharply. Many carts employ wide body or graduated designs, with a wider base and a narrower top, to add stability to heavy loads.

Electrical Assemblies: Many media carts and AV carts have integrated electrical assemblies with surge protectors to power multiple components, as well as a long cord to plug in to a wall outlet.

Flexibility: A cart with folding or sliding shelves is just what the doctor ordered for important presentations when you need space for additional materials. Folding shelves can fold down or slide underneath another shelf without taking up extra room.

Portability: Casters (or wheels) are the key to portability.  Decide which casters will work best with your floor or carpet, and make sure they won’t mar your floor’s finish . Choose locking casters to protect your AV equipment if the cart gets bumped.

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