5 Guidelines for Getting Your Ideal Podium

Get a Podium & PA System That’s Right For You

A podium with a built-in PA system is in many ways a grown-up lectern.

From school auditoriums to the White House, podiums are an essential part of formal presentations – both big and small.

These 5 guidelines to getting your ideal podium will help you understand your needs and make the right choice!

1. Match the Podium to the Room

Wood finishes are a classic and versatile choice to complement most rooms, and are standard for conference halls or auditoriums.

But there are many other options ranging from clear acrylic to black marble if you desire a contemporary look.

2. Pick a Size for Your Podium

The ideal size of your podium depends on what you’ll use it for. If you will read prepared texts, or make oral presentations, a slim model may suffice.

But if you need storage space for laptops, audio sources, or other presentation materials, a wider podium is your best bet.

Many podiums have height adjustable bases. This comes in handy for school use – for example, if both younger students and adults will be using the podium.

Don’t forget to consider portability: podiums can weigh up to 65 pounds; do you need the weight that comes with added size or features?

Many podiums also have casters for easy transport – a back-saving feature in venues with multiple rooms.

3. Decide How Much Amplification You Need

The power required from your podium’s PA system depends on the size of your room. Will your presentations be in small meeting rooms or large auditoriums?

Most podiums come with PA systems ranging from 10 to 50 Watts. When in doubt, always go for a more powerful system; the less you have to turn up the volume, the less you risk distortion.

4. Choose a Compatible Mic

The standard for a podium is a wired handheld microphone with a flexible, “goose-neck” mount. This kind of mic is usually detachable from the mount to allow more freedom of movement.

Many podiums with PA systems will allow use of a wireless microphone, but check compatibility before you buy!

5. Choose Extra Features

Do you need extra inputs for external audio sources? A reading lamp? A timer? Many podiums with PA systems come with these features and more.

AudioLinks has a large selection of podiums with PA systems as well as non-powered podium housings.

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