Portable PA Systems Ride to the Rescue When Teachers Are Hoarse

Califone PA219

Portable PA systems are a great way to boost your voice for a long day of teaching!

Small PA systems and mini personal sound systems come in a range of shapes, sizes, and prices.

Some packages include a variety of mic choices, whether you need free hands for the blackboard or want to encourage student participation with a pass of the mic.

Which system should you pick? Before you decide, ask yourself these 3 questions.

How big is the class where you will use the PA system? The bigger the class, the more power you’ll need.How portable does your PA system need to be? Wireless mics mounted on lapels or headsets are a great option when you need a free hand, but a wired or wireless handheld mic will suffice if you’re giving a simple lecture.

What other features do you need? Additional features, such a warranty or extra mics, add functionality to your system in the long term- but also increase price.

With these questions in mind, consider these 2 PA systems:

1. The Nady WA120

At 20 Watts, the Nady WA120 is what AudioLinks classifies as a small-area PA system. The Nady is suitable for about 50 students in the classroom listening at one time.

Before you simply start counting students, however, keep in mind that in a large or unusually shaped room (particularly one with high ceilings), sound disperses more quickly, and Wattage requirements increase.

The Nady WA120 is a highly portable PA system with a wireless lavaliere (lapel) microphone, which is a tremendous advantage as it leaves your hands free to write, point, or perform demonstrations.

It features a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, and it also provides inputs in case you need a second microphone or wish to attach an external device such as a CD player.

2. The Califone PA219

Like the Nady, the Califone Pro PA10B is highly portable and comes with wireless microphone.

At 20 Watts, the Califone is every bit as powerful as the Nady, but it also includes a built-in rechargeable battery for portability and convenience.

Califone’s legendary durability in the toughest of classrooms, as well as a 1-year limited warranty, insure that this PA will be saving your voice for years to come!

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