Megaphones & Bullhorns Get Your Words Heard

What Are Megaphones?

Megaphones, also known as bullhorns, are instantly recognizable because of their distinctive conical or bell shape.

For thousands of years,  the human voice has been projected by megaphones.

This is due to the natural acoustic properties of their parabaloid shape, which  focuses sound waves to make them travel further, but in a narrow arc.

What is relatively new is the powered megaphone.

While the shape has largely remained the same, today’s powered megaphones use a microphone, amplifier and loudspeaker to help get your message through to large crowds.

Why Do People Use Megaphones?

Megaphones are an effective & portable means to amplify the human voice. What they lack in fidelity is made up by their ease of use.

Megaphones are frequently used to control or direct large groups, both indoors and outdoors. For these purposes, the portability &  compact size of megaphones are ideal.

The rugged plastics and metals used in megaphones’ construction make them extremely durable, which is why they’re also ideal for law enforcement.

And don’t forget price! Compared to PA systems of similar wattage, megaphones are almost always more affordable because they are not made to replicate and amplify high and low end frequencies.

What Features do Megaphones Offer?

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a megaphone.

Range: Because of their design, even megaphones with low Wattage can be heard hundreds of feet away. Narrow horns increase range by concentrating sound waves. Wider horns project sound over a broad area, but at the expense of distance. If you need to cover a larger area, consider a loud hailer system.

Alarms: When you need to get the crowd’s attention, an alarm is not only more noticeable than your voice alone, but also louder.

Recording: Some megaphones  record and loop a short message for repetitive playback. This feature can be a great help to an official repeating instructions.

Batteries: A megaphone that seems like a bargain may cost you if it  devours batteries quickly. A pricier megaphone can be a better deal if it sips power instead of gulping.

Portability: Check the megaphone’s weight to make sure you’ll be comfortable carrying it, and also consider convenient shoulder & wrist straps.

Detachable microphones: Detachable microphones allow you to amplify your voice without blocking your face with the horn. They also let you look in one direction and broadcast your voice in another.

Appearance: Megaphones or bullhorns with a distinctive look can be helpful in getting the crowd’s attention. Some horns are made of clear plastic so the user can look at the crowd while facing them.

Don’t assume that more expensive is better, or that cheaper is worse. Determine your megaphone needs before you buy and shop based on those needs.

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