2 Vehicle Mounted PA Systems Take Your Message on the Move

Hit the Road With a Vehicle Mounted PA System

Stationary PA systems can easily reach fans seated in bleachers, but for events where the participants (or the announcers) are in motion, a PA system that can move with the crowd becomes crucial.

And while megaphones and mini PA systems are highly portable, they are impractical for situations such as parades or bicycle races when the announcer is in a vehicle.

In addition, traditional megaphones and mini PA systems can only cover one side of the vehicle at a time, and if the announcer’s driving, keeping their eyes on the road is a must.

Vehicle or car-mounted PA systems are an easy way to hit the road with a message that moves!

Sound Cruiser Systems Mount on Your Vehicle

An easy solution to getting your sound moving is a specialized PA system such as the AmpliVox Sound Cruiser which attaches to the roof of a car or a truck.

Sound Cruisers can be powered by battery or your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and feature optional wireless headset microphones to keep your hands free for driving.

With 50 watts of power, this powerful system can project your voice for 100 yards, making Sound Cruisers suitable for large crowds along parade routes or city streets. They are also ideal for politicians or other campaigners taking their message to crowded public spaces.

Sound Cruiser systems are not only great for land-based events, but also their weatherproof construction makes them suitable for mounting on a boat to reach audiences for events such as boat racing or water skiing.

Sound in the Round with Quad Sound Cruiser  PA System

A single directional speaker is a great way to use your car-mounted PA to address a crowd standing on one side of the road, or a crowd standing on a beach. But what about when the crowd surrounds you on all sides?

A vehicle mounted PA system like the AmpliVox Quad Sound Cruiser pictured above is ideal for projecting sound in-the-round at events like large parades, or even half-time shows where the vehicle is on the field.

These are only a couple of solutions to making sure you’re message is heard when your PA system leaves the building! Outdoor sound reinforcement is a complex topic I’ll revisit in the coming weeks.

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