3 Sound System Solutions for Outdoor Sporting Events

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Summer is here — and with it comes a host of outdoor sporting events!

Whether you’re putting together a volleyball tournament or soccer match, you’ll need a sound system to  broadcast to fans and enable communication between coaches and officials.

For calling to the players or firing up a tightly packed group of spectators, you could get by with a megaphone or bullhorn.

But what if you need to reach fans in widely spaced bleachers? With its conical, narrow projection pattern, a megaphone might not cut it.

Here are three sound system solutions — two for broadcasting to an audience, and one for sending messages between officials and coaches  — that will help your summer outdoor sporting events leap into action!

1. A Sound System that Expands for Your Sporting Events

If you’re hosting a game, be sure that the announcer can be heard by everyone.

For sporting events such as softball games, volleyball matches, or even equestrian events in riding arenas, you should choose a sound reinforcement system that can communicate clearly to both fans and athletes.

Wireless Half Mile Hailers are a popular and weather-resistant sound system for outdoor sporting events.

This sound system features an amplifier with four rugged speaker horns, making it easy to stretch your sound. It also includes wireless hands-free headband and lapel mics for announcers on the move.

For large field events where the spectators are spread out, Half Mile Hailer systems cover larger areas — such as a football, baseball, or soccer field — simply by adding additional horns to the speaker array.

2. A Wide-Range PA with Wireless Mics for Wide-Ranging Events

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for outdoor venues where the announcer’s often on the move, a PA system with wireless microphones could be your ticket to a great event.

The included wireless receiver allows announcers to follow the action without tripping on annoying cords.

The Amplivox SW230A Voice Carrier system provides great coverage for large areas — and since the package includes a nylon carrying case, this PA system is highly mobile, combining both power and portability in a single unit.

3. Two-way Communication for Sport and Safety

Organized amateur or professional sporting events (as well as concerts) can draw large crowds and make coordinated crowd control a necessity. Production Intercom (PI) makes systems that help your security team keep the crowds flowing smoothly before, during and after your event.

A field PI system is similar to a tour guide system in that it features transmitters and headset receivers. But unlike tour guide systems, intercom headsets transmit as well as receive for two-way communication between operatives.

These durable and reliable outdoor intercom systems are the sound systems of choice for film and TV production crews.

Coaches also benefit from these systems, and often use them to communicate with assistants or other members of their staff. See if you can spot an intercom system like this one the next time you watch the game!

Audiolinks offers a variety of  intercoms and sound systems to fit your event and your budget. Give us a call at 407-757-3326 or send us an email to find the right sound system for your outdoor sporting event!