Tour guide conducting a tour

Tour Guide Systems to Buy or Rent

AudioLinks Sells & Rents Top-of-the-Line Tour Guide Systems, Transmitters and Receivers!

Whether you are conducting a large group tour, monitoring operations in a noisy production factory, or managing a full-scale theatrical production, these systems will meet your communication needs.

The tour guide systems selected by AudioLinks are ADA compliant and FCC approved. Systems are programmable and expandable to handle small or large groups in a wide range of applications.

Systems can be purchased or rented with a variety of optional headphones, microphones, earphones, batteries and chargers – allowing us to help you configure a wireless communication system that best meets your needs.

Williams Sound Tour Guide System

Tour Guide Packages

Tour guide systems help tour groups overcome background noise and distance from the tour guide – even in noisy surroundings. Tour guide systems are used in factories, museums, power plants, zoos, theme parks, and anywhere else that tours are conducted.

If you are looking for a full, ready to use tour guide package, look no further! AudioLinks’ tour guide packages offer a ready to use solution for all of your tour guide needs. Options include encrypted transmission, two-way operation, multi-channel, infrared or radio frequency transmission, and much more! Choose from a variety of manufacturers and optional features.

Listen Tech Transmitter

Tour Guide Transmitters

Tour guide and intercom transmitters allow the broadcast of live or pre-recorded audio to compatible receivers. Audiolinks offers multiple options for transmitters, including encrypted transmission, infrared or radio frequency transmission, portable or stationary units from a variety of manufacturers. Whether you are looking to replace an old transmitter, add an additional transmitter to your tour guide or intercom system, or build a package from scratch, AudioLinks has the solution for you!

Williams Sound Receiver

Tour Guide Receivers

Tour guide and intercom receivers enable your listeners to pick up audio from a compatible transmitter. These receivers are designed to be small, light-weight and portable so that they are easy for a listener to hold, clip onto a belt, or put in a pocket. Receivers can use infrared or radio frequency, can be multi or single-channel, and can even function as two-way transceivers so as to allow back and forth discussion between listeners and guides. Build your perfect tour guide or intercom system from scratch or add receivers to your current package to expand your system for more listeners and more functionality!

Listen Tech Accessories

Tour Guide Accessories

Tour guide and intercom system accessories include microphones, headsets and headphones, cases, chargers, neckloops, cables, replacement parts, and anything else you might need to build a perfect package!

Listen Tech Tour Guide Rental

Tour Guide System Rentals

There are a few advantages of renting rather than buying a tour guide or intercom system, but the primary reasons are that a rental can dramatically reduce your capital outlay and that a rental eliminates the ongoing need for maintenance and storage.

AudioLinks also offers audio rentals on a lease to buy option that allows you to field test equipment solutions before making a major purchase.

The AudioLinks technical staff can recommend customized solutions for virtually any group communication need, no matter how large or small. AudioLinks has provided superior conference services and A/V equipment for more than two decades and continues to serve corporate, non-profit and government clientele both in North and South America, Europe and Asia.