3 MegaVox PA System Features Teachers Will Love

Anchor Audio Mega DP Dual MegaVox Pro Deluxe Package with 1 Handheld and 1 Lapel Mic (04741)

The school year is about to start and once again teachers everywhere face the age-old problem of how to grab students’ attention in a world where distraction runs rampant.

Portable classroom sound systems are an affordable and proven way to boost a teacher’s voice to all corners of the classroom, gymnasium or schoolyard.

If you’re seeking an affordable sound system that’s easy to carry from place to place and can reach many students at once, it’s tough to beat the Anchor Audio MegaVox PA system.

Here are 3 MegaVox PA system features that educators will love:

1. Plenty of Power

The first and most important feature of a classroom PA system is power.

Even if you think you might not need a powerful PA in your classroom, you may want to use it in other rooms, or even outdoors.

You can always turn your sound system down if the volume is too high, but if your system isn’t loud enough for your room,  you can risk overdriving it, harming your equipment – and your ears! By contrast, a powerful system holds power in reserve, insuring that it can handle unexpected bursts in volume.

Fortunately, the Anchor Audio MegaVox PA packs plenty of power for your classroom: 40 watts when it’s plugged in, 20 watts when it’s using its built-in rechargeable battery. It’s also ideal for small outdoor events.

2. Maximum Mobility

A portable PA system has another essential feature: it has to be easy to move around!

At only 15 pounds, the main unit of the Anchor Audio MegaVox PA is a breeze to carry.

Anchor Audio has added many other great features to enhance the MegaVox’s portability:

Rechargeable batteries power the MegaVox up to 10 hours. It charges fully in 8 hours, so if you plug it in at night, it’ll be ready to go the next morning. When you’re near an outlet, it also runs on AC power.

Durable construction allows for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Wireless options save teachers the hassle of lugging extra cords around and keep them from tripping over them. This MegaVox system with a wireless receiver is an excellent option for educators.

3. Bluetooth On Board

As standard, the Anchor Audio MegaVox includes a Bluetooth receiver, so you can stream music or other audio directly to the PA from any Bluetooth compatible iPhone, iPad, tablet, or other mobile device.

Whether you need stands, multiple wireless microphones, or different mic options, there’s a MegaVox PA system package that fits your classroom – and your budget.

What are your PA system needs? Call 1-800-263-0112 or email us for expert advice in choosing the MegaVox PA that’s ideal for you!