Spread the Word at Public Meetings With a Portable PA System

PA systems are a standard feature for many libraries and community centers offering public lecture programs or meetings.

Having a portable PA system powerful enough to deliver great sound to your entire audience can enlighten minds and increase attention spans!

Will your portable PA system deliver sufficient sound to public meetings with 100 or more audience members?

Choose the Portable PA System That’s Ideal for Your Events

Are you sure your portable PA system is the best one for your meetings? Here are a few factors to consider:
How powerful is your portable PA system? For venues that can hold 100 people, I’d recommend a mid-range (50-150 Watt) PA.  You might not need a 150 Watt PA, but less than 50 would almost certainly be too small.

What are you using your PA for? If you use your PA for speeches and lectures, you won’t need a sophisticated system. However, if you use it for presentations that include music, get a system with a mixer and  stereo sound – and two speakers to project sound to every corner of the room.

Does your PA project authority? Grab your audience’s attention with a freestanding podium. Podiums and lecterns feature a variety of finishes from wood to acrylic, and can lend gravity to formal events.

As you evaluate your existing PA system, it’s also worth checking its other components, such as microphones, speaker cables, etc. The “weakest link” principle applies here: One sub-par component can sabotage even a top-of-the-line system.

Get the Message to Everyone

You’ve gone over the basics of choosing a portable PA system for your public events.

But what about assistive listening systems for the hearing impaired? Getting the word out to everyone, regardless of disability, isn’t just a good idea: it’s the law.

Be sure and check out our blog entry on ADA compliant assistive listening systems for venues such as theaters.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to email or call 407-757-3326 for sound advice from our staff of audio experts.