To Buy or Not to Buy a Digital Recorder

Analog tape recording devices have been around for decades and still play an important role in dictation and transcription.

In recent years, however, you’ve probably noticed an explosion in the variety of handheld digital recorders at a wide range of prices.

Is it worth upgrading to a new digital handheld recorder? Will you be able to figure out how to use it? And will you be able to afford it?

7 Advantages of a Digital Recorder

1. PORTABILITY Digital recorders are as small and light – or smaller and lighter – than microcassette recorders, so you can take them anywhere you need them.

2. MEDIA Digital recorders record with internal flash memory or removable smart cards (or both). They can offer hundreds of hours of recording time, depending on the sound quality you’re going for. When you run out of room, simply transfer the files to your computer – or if you’re using smart cards, simply pop a new card in the recorder and go.

3. DURABILITY Digital recorders are rugged and long-lasting. Because they have no moving parts, they’re built to last for years with virtually no wear and tear. The same goes for the cards.

4. DATA TRANSFER Digital recorders connect directly to your computer so you can transfer files to a computer quickly and easily. This makes it a snap to organize your files. Have a long meeting you want transcribed by more than one person at the same time? Simply transfer the recording from your digital recorder to your computer and send it off to all the transcribers simultaneously.

5. EASE OF USE No more rewinding and fast-forwarding! If you want to hear something that was said half an hour or five hours into your meeting, you can access it in seconds. And unlike an analog cassette, you can’t simply rewind a digital file and accidentally record over it – erasing it takes deliberate effort.

6. ENGINEERING Many digital recorders feature automatic level controls, or record only when sound is detected. That way, if you’re recording a seminar or meeting with a lot of long pauses, you won’t have to sit through a lot of “dead air” on playback.

7. PRICE A variety of digital recorders are available at prices competitive with low-end cassette recorders. State-of-the-art digital recording technology is within the reach of everyone from students to executives.

Take a look at our selection of digital voice recorders and see which one is right for your needs and your budget!