Spread the Word at Public Meetings With a Portable PA System

PA systems are a standard feature for many libraries and community centers offering public lecture programs or meetings. Having a portable PA system powerful enough to deliver great sound to your entire audience can enlighten minds and increase attention spans! Will your portable PA system deliver sufficient sound to public meetings with 100 or more audience members? Choose the Portable… Read the rest

2 Portable Sound Systems for Street Performers on a Budget

Which portable sound system provides the most power for street singers — without breaking the bank (or your back)? Musicians often ask us to recommend a portable sound system that draws a crowd and is still small enough to carry home in a taxi. Outdoor sound reinforcement – especially for a street performance – tests the limits of any PA Read the rest

Portable PA Systems Ride to the Rescue When Teachers Are Hoarse

Portable PA systems are a great way to boost your voice for a long day of teaching! Small PA systems and mini personal sound systems come in a range of shapes, sizes, and prices. Some packages include a variety of mic choices, whether you need free hands for the blackboard or want to encourage student participation with a pass of… Read the rest