Samson Expedition PA Systems Carry the Day

Samson PA System

Samson Brings Down the House With Expedition PA Systems

Samson Technology has long been known for bringing wireless technology down to earth with their AirLine mic systems.

Now Samson is taking aim at the PA market with a revamped line of systems offering pro-quality toolkits in highly portable packages- at price points well within reach of musicians, party planners, or meeting organizers!

The Expedition PA line kicks off with two 40 Watt PA systems with rechargeable batteries and built-in iPod docks.

Read on for a closer look at the Samson Expedition XP40i and the Samson Expedition XP40iw.

Build Your PA With The Portable Samson XP40i

Before we dig into the meat of the Samson Expedition XP40i, let’s clarify a bit of terminology.

In the interests of consistency, AudioLinks adopted the convention (in our article on choosing a PA system) that a complete PA must include a microphone, an amplifier, and speakers.

Alas, most manufacturers (including Samson) refer to their systems as PAs – whether they include a mic or not.

Microphones are an additional option for the Expedition XP40i, so by our standards, it isn’t quite a PA system.

But it’s simple and inexpensive to upgrade it to one by  adding a compatible microphone like the Samson R31s wired handheld mic. So in deference to Samson, we’ll treat the XP40i as a complete PA system.

As standard, the 40 Watt Expedition XP40i includes a built-in iPod dock and 2 additional microphone inputs with separate volume controls.

This enables you to talk or sing over pre-programmed audio, making the 40i a great choice whether you’re giving a multimedia presentation or throwing a karaoke party!

The speaker features a compact but powerful 6 inch woofer and a 1-inch-high frequency driver, providing surprisingly deep bass and clearly defined treble. The speaker is fitted with a mount for easy installation of speaker stands.

With its a built-in rechargeable battery and a weight of only 18 pounds, the Samson XP40i is portable enough to take anywhere, indoors or out.

The Samson XP40iw Is an All-in-One Wireless Solution

The Expedition XP40iw has all the features of the XP40i outlined above, with the notable inclusion of a wireless handheld mic- so, thankfully, we can call it a PA system without reservations.

Better still, the fact that it’s wireless gives the added advantage of mobility without having to worry about stumbling over cords.

And best of all, the built-in wireless receiver is VHF FM, which not only makes it less expensive than UHF systems, but also means you won’t run afoul of FCC rules regulating the UHF band.

Either one of these Samson PA systems are great solutions for parties, meetings, small gigs, or any other situation where portability is more important than a lot of power!

Have any questions about these or other Samson portable Expedition PA systems? Email or call (1-800-263-0112) our trained staff for a free consultation!