Got Game? Choose Your Ideal Gaming Headset

Great Games Deserve a Great Headset

The entertainment industry has weathered dozens of seismic shifts in the 21st century- and none of these shifts has been more decisive than the rise of gaming.

Once confined to kids, hobbyists, and geeks, gaming is now a massive industry with revenues that rival Hollywood, and dwarf that of an ailing music business.

Along the way, the sound quality of video and computer games has morphed and evolved into a realm of fidelity previously enjoyed only in theaters and on high-end DVD players.

On top of that, interactive play involving 2-way conversations between players is becoming the norm.

Keeping all this in mind, do you really want to use your tired earbud headset (with its tinny mic) for your latest sojourn into the World of Warcraft? I didn’t think so.

Here are 5 things you should consider when shopping for a headset to accurately recreate the sounds of your virtual worlds!

1. Don’t Skimp on the Sound Quality

Many games now offer better-than-CD-quality sound, sometimes in 5.1 surround. Don’t trust your gaming experience to that flimsy, single-earcup headset you use to Skype mom. Headsets like the Able Planet Extreme Headset can reproduce deep bass and accented highs, not only assuring great sound but also  speech intelligibility.

2. Get the Right Mic

The best bet for interactive games is a flexible boom mic, preferably one that cancels background noise so you can make yourself easily understood. It’s a good idea to get a unidirectional microphone as well, since this zeroes in directly to your voice.

3. Give Yourself Room to Move

Nothing kills a game quicker than coming unplugged. Be sure to get a headset with a long cord, or better yet, a wireless IR headset.

4. Hours of Play Require Hours of Comfort

Games can go on for hours. Make sure you’re ready for the long haul with a comfortable headset. Big, bulky cans, although offering superior sound isolation, can also lead to ‘headphone cramp’- especially if you wear glasses. Go for a more comfortable and flexible design.

5. Extra Features Add to Your Experience

In-line volume controls and mute buttons to kill the sound if your roommate is yelling at you to get off the computer can immensely improve your gaming experience, even if it might not seem obvious at the time.

Active noise cancelling headphones electronically cut out background noise to reduce distractions and can really put you in the zone! But since that can also add to the cost of your headphones, you may want to try out this feature before you shell out the extra cash.

What’s your favorite gaming headset? Let us know in the comments!