This 300 Watt PA Won’t Break Your Back

Portable stereo PA systems have come a long way since the bulky monsters that strained the backs of musicians (and the shocks of Econoline vans) during the 70’s and 80’s.

A few years back, Fender sparked something of a  portable PA arms race with the introduction of their Passport PA systems. Now Samson has entered the fray with their modular interlocking Expedition PA systems.

Like the Fender Passport systems, Samson’s Xp308i portable PA interlocks into a suitcase-sized package that you can lift with one hand. Unlike the Fender, the powered mixer is a  smaller and more portable unit that’s more convenient for tabletop use.

Also unlike the Fender, the Samson Xp308i features a built-in iPod dock so you don’t have to dig up an extra audio cord to run your tunes through your system.

Better still, the Samson has a considerable cost advantage over the Fender, making the Xp308i ideal for musicians and meeting planners on a budget.

Check out this Gearwire video demo of the Samson Xp308i Expedition PA system!