3 Reasons to Choose Wireless Microphones for Your Conference Table

If you’re planning your next big meeting, wireless conference table microphone systems are a terrific choice to electrify your event and give everyone a voice.

Perhaps you’ve already reviewed the various types of conference table microphones available for different types of meetings and events. But there’s still another question: why should you take the plunge and choose wireless over wired microphones?

Here are 3 reasons wireless conference table microphones could be ideal for your next meeting.

1. They’re easy to install in any type of room

The obvious disadvantage of wired microphone systems — the cords — leads to another, less obvious disadvantage. Cabling, routing and storage issues often require a permanent setup and therefore a dedicated conference room. Even with simple, daisy-chained wired microphone systems, not every conference table is built to allow easy routing of cables.

With wireless microphones, you simply plug in the controlling hardware, place a microphone at each seat and almost any room instantly becomes a conference room. Which leads us to the next advantage of wireless microphone systems:

2. They’re extremely mobile

Wireless conference microphones allow you to move throughout your office and host conferences just about anywhere.

Better still, you’re not limited to your home office. Wireless systems are portable, and with proper storage cases can travel along with you, opening a plethora of possibilities for meetings on the go.

3. They’re suited for additional microphones

Another great feature of wireless microphone systems is expandability. With most controlling software, it’s a simple matter to add more participants to your conference: just add more microphones (as long as they’re compatible with your system and its operating frequency).

Check your system and your software manuals to insure that you have everything you need, however: adding chairman and voting microphones may require additional control units or software.

Learn more about conference microphone systems

These are just a few of the points you should consider when weighing which conference microphone system is ideal for you. Do you need voting microphone capabilities? Should you rent or buy a system? These questions — and many other conference audio questions — are answered elsewhere on our blog.

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