5 Reasons to Rent Your Conference Microphone System

The decision to rent or buy a conference microphone system is a big one.

There are certainly good reasons to own and build up an impressive microphone collection, or even a complete conference microphone system. But this can be time-consuming and difficult to assemble without specialized knowledge of conference audio.

If your business or organization is unsure what to do and is pressed for time, a conference microphone rental — with professional assistance — could be just what you’re looking for.

Consider these 5 reasons to rent (rather than buy) your next conference microphone system:

1. Rented conference microphone systems provide a custom fit for your event.

Different events require different conference microphone systems. For example, an upcoming board meeting may require a push-to-talk boundary microphone system with push-button voting capabilities, or an upcoming panel discussion could call for a chairman mic system to keep speakers from all talking at once.

If your organization frequently hosts a variety of events, purchasing the specialized gear necessary for multiple applications could get expensive very quickly. A rental allows you to fit your conference system exactly to each event.

2. Renting your conference microphone system is an ideal solution for infrequent events.

The more you rent, the bigger your budget. If you find yourself in frequent need of a conference audio system, it might be a good idea to expand your budget, purchase the system and train your staff to run it.

However, if that tabletop microphone system is just going to get stashed in the boss’s closet until your annual board meeting rolls around again, it’s far better to rent a system as it’s needed.

3. Get professional assistance with your conference audio system.

You might think you’re pretty good at programming the DVD player. But chances are neither you nor your organization will be prepared to handle the complex turns of a conference microphone system, unless you already have an A/V department.

If this describes your situation (and it probably does), avoid the purchase of a system that will require hours of study for you to comprehend its basics (let alone master all of its features).

Qualified audio dealers that focus on delegate microphone systemsinterpreting equipment, or other conference audio applications usually offer professional audio technicians to help set up and operate their systems.

4. A rented conference audio system never becomes obsolete.

In a world accustomed to PCs and iPhones, gear can become obsolete very quickly.

How long will the equipment last? Does it require software or hardware that isn’t easily upgraded?

Frequently-modified delegate microphone or conference audio systems may be a better deal if you opt to rent them rather than buy them. That way, you always have the most up-to-date equipment.

5. A rental system saves you money right now.

Regardless of the long-term savings, your organization’s budget may simply not allow you to purchase a complete conference audio system. Renting your conference mics could provide big savings in the short-term.

Rent a Conference Microphone System for Hassle-free Conference Audio

Carefully consider your organizations budget, expertise and time constraints before you buy a system. You could very well discover that a rented system will meet your needs without giving you a headache (or emptying your wallet)!

Our trained staff of conference audio experts can help you through a purchase or on-site rental. And remember: a conference audio quote from us is always free.