Top 5 Questions & Answers About Voting Microphone Systems

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When buying or renting microphone systems, event and conference planners routinely face unfamiliar technological challenges.

Perhaps you’re familiar with table microphone systems, or you’ve investigated the pros and cons of renting conference microphones.

Now you need to ponder the next challenge: is it time to step up and add sophisticated voting microphone systems to your conference table?

Here are 5 questions event planners often ask about voting microphone systems:

Question #1: What are voting microphone systems?

A: Voting microphones allow anyone taking part in a discussion — whether board members or panel members —  to also take part in decision-making by electronically tallying their votes.

Question #2: How do voting microphone systems work?

A: Voting microphones allow every attendee seated at the table to speak or vote by pushing the appropriate button. A moderator controls the flow of discussion from his or her chairman microphone.

In many ways, voting microphone systems are very similar to conference microphone systems.

But voting microphone systems also allow participants to vote up or down on proposed motions using a button built into the microphone unit. A central control unit tallies the votes, and the moderator reads the results.

Question #3: What times of events benefit from voting microphones? 

A: Voting microphone systems are an ideal choice for events where feedback is critical, or where decisions are made by a board or panel. This can be a public panel discussion, or a conference behind closed doors.

Question #4: Is it hard to set up and use voting microphone systems?

A: Like conventional wired conference microphones, voting microphone systems are daisy chained to each other, so all you have to do to set them up is chain all the microphones together and attach them to the control unit.

Wireless conference microphone systems are an even better option: since there are no cables, you can add or subtract microphone units at will.

Question #5: Why should you choose voting mics for your event?

A: By simplifying voting, you can spend more time on the matters at hand — not counting hands!

Best of all, electronic voting provides a veil of anonymity, allowing voters can make their decisions without feeling scrutinized.

If buying a voting microphone system makes you nervous, you can always rent your voting microphones from a qualified dealer!

How have voting microphone system helped your events? Let us know in the comments!