How To Save Your Voice & Help Kids Learn

How Wireless Assistive Listening Systems Benefit Kids & Teachers It seems obvious: kids learn better when they can hear their lessons. Classroom PA systems are a great way to overcome acoustical challenges for students with unimpaired hearing. But how can you improve the classroom experience for students with mild hearing impairment? Good educational practices- not to mention ADA requirements –… Read the rest

How Assistive Listening Systems Enhance Worship for Everyone

Can Assistive Listening Systems Enhance Your Services? Choosing the right assistive listening system to use in your house of worship not only fulfills ADA requirements, but also makes religious services and group activities more rewarding. What are ADA compliant assistive listening systems, and how can they help you make religious services accessible to everyone? ADA Compliant Assistive Listening Systems Let… Read the rest

10 Steps to Combat Hearing Loss

Hearing LossPreserve Your Hearing & Maintain Your Quality of Life Hearing loss has reached epidemic proportions in modern life. As many as 10 million Americans have already suffered irreversible hearing loss. And 30 million more Americans are exposed to dangerous noise levels each day. In a previous post, I outlined ways to tell if you’re at risk for noise induced hearing Read the rest