Are Loud Media Players Causing Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Teens?

August 19, 2010 | Leave a comment

Everywhere you look, teens (and others) are wearing earbuds. But a recent study shows that listening to loud music could be harming teenage hearing.

An article in the August 18, 2010 issue of JAMA concludes that one in five American adolescents experienced hearing loss from 2005-2006 – an increase of over 30% from hearing loss levels from 1988-1994.

Are earbuds and loud music responsible for this increase? Watch this CBS news video for more information to help you decide.

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Taming Your Church Sound System

June 8, 2010 | Leave a comment

Sound engineers struggle against overly loud mixes every time theyā€™re in front of the mixing console of their PA system. And while providing a satisfying mix at non-lethal volumes in a club or concert hall is one thing, providing a safe & satisfying mix to a varied church congregation is another.

How can an engineer avoid the hazards that lead to a dangerously blaring church sound system?

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5 Hearing Protection Tips for Audio Pros

April 20, 2010 | Leave a comment

From concert halls and nightclubs to recording studios, audio engineers and musicians are pumping up the volume more than ever before.

And as hearing loss begins to take its toll, theyā€™re also facing the music.

What steps can audio engineers and musicians take to safeguard against hearing loss?

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10 Steps to Combat Hearing Loss

April 13, 2010 | Leave a comment

Hearing loss has reached epidemic proportions in modern life.

As many as 10 million Americans have already suffered irreversible hearing loss. 30 million Americans are exposed to dangerous noise levels each day.

If you suffer from hearing loss, what can you do to avoid further damage and preserve the hearing you have?

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Are You at Risk for Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

April 1, 2010 | Leave a comment

Noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. But noise is a part of everyday life: from television and stereos to automobiles, buses and trucks.

When an individual is exposed to harmful sounds that are too loud or extended over time, sensitive structures of the inner ear can be damaged causing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

What are the signals that your environment could be damaging your hearing?

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