Personal Amplifiers Let You (Square) Dance the Night Away

Portable personal amplifiers improve the life of the hearing impaired in numerous ways — but just when I thought I’d heard everything, someone asked me about using a portable personal amplifier to amplify the caller’s voice at a noisy square dance!

Williams Sound PockeTalker 2.0

With a portable personal amplifier like the Williams Sound PockeTalker you can hear square dance calls and dance the night away. After all, there’s nothing worse than doing a dosado when you should be swinging your partner or promenading.

PockeTalkers Offer Portable Personal Solutions for Noisy Dance Halls

The Williams Sound PockeTalker is one portable assistive listening device that’s great in a noisy environment like a dance hall. As our reader pointed out, it’s a good idea to bring your own, since many dance halls don’t have this kind of equipment.

The PockeTalker features a main unit that clips on to your belt and an attached microphone, which picks up and amplifies environmental sound into a headset.

What’s more, the receiver supports a number of different kinds of headphones or earpieces to accommodate different tastes, whether you prefer discreet, in-ear earbuds or behind-the-head headphones that don’t mess up your hair!

Which PockeTalker Is Right for You?

Williams Sound makes 2 models of the PockeTalker. One is the Williams Sound PockeTalker Pro, and the other is the Williams Sound PockeTalker Ultra.

Williams Sound PockeTalker

The Ultra is a newer model, weighs less, has a silver/gray color and takes AAA Batteries.

The Pro was the original PockeTalker model and features a sturdier casing. It has a blue color and takes AA batteries.

The choices for headsets include earbuds, deluxe folding headphones, deluxe rear-wear headphones, an ear clip, and even a neckloop receiver that is designed to work in conjunction with a hearing aid.

Both PockeTalkers also come with a cord that will connect to your TV set.

When deciding which PockeTalker is right for you at your next square dance, consider your dancing style. If you’re planning on letting loose and going a little wild, you might want to go with the more durable Pro. However, if you’re nimble and light on your feet, the Ultra might be your better option.

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