5 Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Next Event

Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Next Event on AudioLinks

Event and meeting planners often overlook the importance of transcribing their events.

As an event planner, transcribing your event may not be on the top of your checklist, but event transcription can add value to your event in many ways that are not immediately obvious.

From bolstering your social media impact to engaging your audience far beyond your venue, there are many benefits that transcription can provide for you, your attendees and those who missed your event.

Here are 5 great reasons to transcribe your next meeting, conference or event:

1. Transcription Allows Your Attendees To Review Your Event At Their Leisure

We’d all like to believe that every attendee is hanging on to every word of every presentation.

Unfortunately, there will be times when your attendees will be pondering a previous point during a presentation, becoming absorbed in taking notes, composing Tweets about your event, or thinking about what’s on the lunch menu. Even if all of your event’s presentations are riveting and engaging, your attendees will inevitably miss or forget a point here and there in the deluge of information.

Moreover, some attendees may arrive late to your event, whereas others may miss a speaker if there are multiple presentations with competing time slots.

A full and accurate transcription of your event is a powerful tool that allows your attendees to review key points, catch up on what they missed or skim through a presentation months down the road at their leisure.

2. Transcription Preserves A Copy Of Your Event For Future Use

A transcription is not just for the attendees who made it to your event.

A transcription is also an invaluable addition to your organization’s internal archives, offering your current and future colleagues a record of the data, information and knowledge shared during your event.

This is an especially important point if you have esteemed, expert presenters at your event. Your transcript will not only enhance your legacy but will also enhance that of your presenters, and, believe it or not, may attract the attention of future archivists and historians.

3. Transcription Expands the Reach Of Your Event

Event planners who chose to transcribe their events can use their transcription to increase the impact of their event.

There are many ways to increase your event’s impact with a transcription. Try the following:

Turn your transcription into a blog post to drive traffic to your website

Share excerpts from your event on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to create new connections and enhance existing ones

Extrapolate data presented at your event to create infographics, diagrams and charts that will attract key players in your market or industry

Join a community on Google+ and share your event with members who would be interested in hearing your message or data

Post audio or video recordings of your event on services such as YouTube and Vimeo, and embed them on your website to establish trust, credibility and authority in your industry

Use your transcription to create subtitles on videos for hard-of-hearing and deaf individuals

Compile major takeaway points from your event and compose them in a newsletter to email to your subscribers and fans

Take your transcription to a company that offers professional translation services so you can increase your reach on a global scale

Create thank you cards for attendees by adding unique excerpts from keynote addresses in your cards

Creating buzz after your event is just as important as generating interest before your event: if you utilize transcription to its fullest potential, you’re next event will likely see a larger attendee list, more distinguished keynote speakers and increased media coverage.

And remember, your content doesn’t have to go viral overnight to have a significant, measurable impact!

4. Transcription Markets Your Event And Increases ROI

A great transcription, audio recording or video not only transmits your message to the public, it also serves as excellent marketing material to attract future clients, partners and attendees.

Save money in your budget by using your transcription to create headlines, text ads, email blasts and social media posts to speak directly to your future prospective clients, partners and attendees, and you’ll sound like a professional, credible authority – not a salesperson.

5. Transcription Can Improve Web Traffic To Your Website

A text transcript can be invaluable for adding relevant keywords and metadata to your website, which will help your site rise to the top of search results.

Online specialists know the value that metadata, video tags, backlinks and shared social media links have for getting traffic to your website.

Have your webmaster add a transcript to your site and watch the traffic to your site increase!

Need help transcribing your event? View AudioLinks’ transcription services and contact a representative today!

What other reasons can you think of to transcribe your meeting, conference or event? What other benefits have you noticed? Share them in the comments section below!