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Williams Sound

Williams Sound Audio was founded in 1976 by Gerald I. Williams. The first products to roll off the basement apartment assembly line at Williams Sound answered a fundamental need – the desire to hear the Sunday sermon without plugging bulky headphones into an obtrusive wall jack. Since then, the Williams Sound brand has been responsible for many innovations in assistive listening devices for both home and public venues: wherever hearing assistance is desired or required.

Today, Williams Sound is still “Helping People Hear” by being an innovative market leader with such products as PockeTalkers, Personal Voice Amplifiers & Hearing Helpers, FM Wireless Systems, Tour Guide Systems with Portable Transmitters, and Infrared Systems.

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Williams Sound Tour Guide System

Tour Guide Systems

Tour guide systems help tour groups overcome background noise and distance from the tour guide – even in noisy surroundings. Tour guide systems are used in factories, museums, power plants, zoos, theme parks, and anywhere else that tours are conducted. Tour guide systems are also ideal for hearing assistance and language interpretation. AudioLinks offers a large selection of Williams Sound tour guide systems.

Williams Sound ReceiverWilliams Sound Transmitter

Transmitters and Receivers

Audio transmitters allow the broadcast of live or pre-recorded audio to compatible receivers. Audiolinks offers multiple options for transmitters from Williams Sound, including encrypted transmission, infrared or radio frequency transmission, portable or stationary. Whether you are looking to replace an old Williams Sound transmitter, add an additional transmitter to your tour guide or assistive listening package, or build a tour guide or assistive listening package from scratch, AudioLinks has the solution for you!

Williams Sound receivers enable your listeners to pick up audio from a compatible transmitter. Receivers are designed to be small, light-weight and portable so that they are easy for a listener to hold, clip onto a belt, or put in a pocket. Williams Sound receivers can use infrared or radio frequency, can be multi or single-channel, and can even function as two-way transceivers so as to allow back and forth discussion between listeners and guides. Build your perfect tour guide or assistive listening system from scratch or add receivers to your current tour guide or assistive listening package to expand your system for more listeners and more functionality!

Williams Sound PockeTalkers & Personal Amplifiers

PockeTalkers & Personal Amplifiers

A personal amplifier is a portable assistive listening device that amplifies voices and other sounds. A personal amplifier includes a small amplifier (often carried in a shirt pocket) and uses an attached mic to pick up sounds close to the listener, which are then boosted and played through an attached headset or earbud. With this type of assistive listening device, tone and volume are fully adjustable to compensate for the degree and frequency range of the user’s hearing loss.

Public Systems for Assistive Listening by Williams Sound

Public Systems for Assistive Listening

Public systems for assistive listening can have major benefits for meetings, presentations, tours, lectures and any other event where audio needs to be clearly audible for all audience members and event attendees. ADA-compliant listening systems are required in many public spaces, but even public spaces which are exempt from ADA compliance can benefit from ADA compliant assistive listening devices through increased attendance and comprehension.

Williams Sound Digi-Wave System

Digi-Wave Multipurpose Systems

Williams Sound’s Digi-Wave Series uses advanced frequency hopping technology that will keep your audio signal clear and secure in any venue. Digi-Wave systems are configured as 1-way or 2-way packages that are expandable to fit the size of your group or event. No other wireless system beats the convenience and reliability of the Digi-Wave Transceivers and Receivers.

See how Digi-Wave products can help bring seamless communication to your team!

Williams Sound Infrared Systems System

Infrared Systems

Infrared works just like white light that you see, except it has a longer wavelength and is not visible to the human eye. The audio signal is transmitted by an infrared beam throughout the room and is received by a receiver designed to receive the signal and process it back to audio for the listener. Ideal for courtrooms, boardrooms, schools, and anywhere that has a lot of radio (RF) interference, using infrared can be the right choice for when you want a clear transmission in a single room without any interference.

Williams Sound Accessories

Audio Accessories by Williams Sound

Williams Sound accessories include microphones, headsets and headphones, cases, chargers, neckloops, cables, replacement parts, and anything else you might need from Williams Sound!