U.N. Style Interpreter Booths

U.N. Style Soundproof Interpreter Booth

Soundproof booths come in two styles: a full-size walk-in booth or a table-top booth. Each type of booth can accommodate one or two simultaneous conference interpreters. The full-size booth provides better soundproofing in noisy conference environments, but has a larger footprint on the conference floor. Both are currently available for rental through AudioLinks, exceed the latest ISO-4043 standards, and are suitable for all types of conference interpreting systems.

The design of the full-size soundproof booth provides a comfortable, professional environment for the interpreters and includes: ventilation systems, generous workspace and outlets for lighting, power and cabling.

AudioLinks offers both types of soundproof booth as part of its conference services. Our professional sound engineers will advise you on the best configuration of soundproof booths for your conference depending on available space, noise levels, scheduled location changes and budget.

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