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Audio Equipment Rental from AudioLinks as an Alternative to Purchase

There are a few advantages of renting rather than buying conference equipment. First, a rental can dramatically reduce your capital outlay. Second, a rental eliminates the ongoing need for costly maintenance and storage. Third, insofar as a rental uses professional trained technicians and engineers, you benefit from a high degree of reliability and professional expertise.

As part of our service, you can hire our audio engineers to arrive on site to set-up and monitor the rented equipment both before and during your event. They will also pack-up and return the equipment when your event is completed. AudioLinks also offers audio rentals on a lease to buy option that allows you to field test equipment solutions before making a major purchase.

The AudioLinks technical staff can recommend customized solutions for virtually any event no matter how large or small. AudioLinks has provided superior conference services and A/V equipment for more than two decades and continues to serve corporate, non-profit and government clientele both in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

For pricing and availability:
Call: 407-757-3326 during business hours Monday through Friday
Also note that RUSH rental service is available.

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