Anchor Audio

Who is Anchor Audio?

Anchor Audio is an industry leader in portable public address systems, state-of-the-art audio systems and microphones. Since 1976 Anchor Audio has enjoyed an excellent reputation for manufacturing rugged, versatile and highly portable PA systems at a reasonable price. is an authorized dealer for all Anchor products. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our catalog, please email us or call a sales representative at 1-800-263-0112 for more information.


Bigfoot Line Array

The newest, loudest, and most powerful sound system on the market, the Bigfoot Line Array is used by organizations like the MLB, Nascar, and the US Army. Convenience, portability, and sheer power never combined so seamlessly into one simple system, one that can be set up in less than 60 seconds and cover a football field with sound.

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Beacon Line Array

A sound system like no other, the Beacon Line Array is effortless in its set up and maneuverability, yet monstrous in its sound and dispersion. The Beacon is sleek in design, with a folding tower which that slides into the base, creating the perfect combo of convenience and power. With built-in Bluetooth, an optional built-in CD/MP3 player combo and up to two built-in wireless receivers, flexibility in features is another step Anchor is taking to lead the industry in PA systems.

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Liberty Platinum

Anchor Audio’s flagship system since 1986, the Liberty Platinum defines the portable PA industry. Designed with simplicity in mind, anybody anywhere can set up this speaker in under a minute. The Liberty offers optional built-in wireless receivers for adding wireless mics as well as an optional CD/Mp3 player for playing music. Additionally the built-in AIR transmitter wirelessly links the Liberty speaker to companion AIR speakers, allowing you to wirelessly expand the audio coverage of your event without the risk of tripping on wires.

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Go Getter

The perfect portable sound system for the budget conscience customer, the Go Getter gives you a great price with superb quality. A versatile, lightweight, and simple system, like all Anchor PA speakers, the Go Getter is highly customizable to suit your specific demands. With up to two built-in wireless receivers, optional CD/MP3 player and the AIR transmitter for wirelessly syncing companion AIR speakers, the Go Getter performs consistently and efficiently at any event you bring it to.

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Lecterns and Podiums

Anchor Audio offers a lectern for any situation. The Acclaim and Admiral are both portable with tilt-n-roll wheels for easy transport.

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Microphones are a crucial part of any PA system, and there are a surprising number of options from which to choose. Wired and wireless, find the right by Anchor Audio microphone for your system at AudioLinks.

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Anchor Audio accessories include mounting hardware, cables, stands, and anything else you might need from Anchor Audio!

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