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Tape transcription & tape translation services

Tape recording & transcribing

tape transcription & tape translation

AudioLinks is a "one stop shop" for all your tape transcription and tape translation needs. AudioLinks can audio record your proceedings, transcribe them in more than 150 languages and dialects (including of course American English) and then, if needed, provide a certified translation.

AudioLinks offers trained sound engineers who are familiar with all audio formats and the special requirements of foreign language production. Experienced bilingual monitors and directors can help you coordinate your conference or multimedia production and maintain the highest level of quality. Our transcribers and translators are professionals chosen for their linguistic skills and their expertise in specialized subject areas.

AudioLinks caters to four major industries:

  • LEGAL: Court Proceedings, Trials, Wire Taps. Transcripts are legally certified and notarized for court presentation.
  • MEDICAL: Medical Symposiums, Medical Information.
  • TECHNICAL: Client Presentations, Roundtables, Focus Groups, Seminars, Meetings.
  • ADVERTISING: Press Conferences, Scripts, Interviews.

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