Televic Conference Products

Televic Conference

Televic Conference provides solutions for a wide variety of applications that require moderated discussion, simultaneous interpretation and electronic voting.

Over decades of experience, Televic has developed a comprehensive line of both standard and customized solutions for any moderated discussion needs. is an authorized dealer for all Televic Conference products. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our catalog, please email us or call a sales representative at 1-800-263-0112 for more information.

Televic Conference Interpreting System

Interpreting Systems

Interpreting systems and equipment allow language interpretation during meetings and conferences. An interpreter listens to a speaker through headphones using an isolated audio feed; the conference interpreter then verbally translates into the target language using a separate audio output linked by microphone to a transmitter and from there to conference receivers ā€“ either wired or wireless.

Televic Conference Delegate Microphone

Delegate Microphone & DCN Systems

Delegate microphones and DCN (Digital Conference Network) systems (also called boardroom microphones, conference microphones or boundary push-to-talk microphones) promote interactive discussions among conference attendees while allowing the chair to control the flow of the meeting. Delegate microphones are can be used for interpreting applications, for voting, or simply to maintain organized and clear conversations for members at a meeting.

Televic Voting System Component

Voting Systems

Voting systems allow members of meetings to have organized and easy to hear discussions among conference attendees, much like with delegate microphone and DCN systems, but with the added benefit of having voting capabilities build right into the units, allowing board members and meeting attendees to vote in a secure and confidential way.