BOGEN HTA250A 250 Watt Amplifier with MOSFET Technology (00458B)

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BOGEN HTA250A 250 Watt Amplifier with MOSFET Technology (00458B)

BOGEN HTA250A 250 Watt Amplifier with MOSFET Technology  (00458B)

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Sku: 00458B

Model: HTA250

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The Bogen HTA250A PA amplifier provides reliable power for PA systems in demanding environments with 250 Watts and MOSFET technology!

The HTA250A amplifier is designed to be a workhorse with 250 Watts RMS power and MOSFET circuitry technology.

Large heat sinks and huge transformers allow the amplifier to supply continuous, full RMS power to loads, even at high ambient temperatures of up to 120 F. The HTA250A amplifier is convection-cooled, so it provides the ultimate in set-and-forget operation.

More amazing than the heavy-duty capability of the amplifier is the quality of the output. The frequency response will remain within +/- 1 dB and have less than 0.5% distortion over the entire audio range (20 Hz 20 kHz).

What separates the Bogen HTA250A from the rest is that its output is transformer-coupled. Few transformer-isolated amplifiers can even come close to these specifications. An enormous output transformer using proprietary coil winding techniques is what allows the HTA250A to reach this level of performance.

A Power MOSFET output stage completes the extremely reliable and durable performance of these amplifiers. This type of transistor does not suffer from many of the failure modes of the more typical transistors (bi-polar types). The result is an amplifier that can operate reliably at full power, continuously, and supplies high fidelity audio under demanding conditions.

  • 250 watts
  • rack-mountable
  • MOSFET technology
  • UL and CSA listed
  • capable of continuous operation
  • automatic overload protection

  • PA systems
  • churches
  • outdoor events
  • Bogen HTA250A

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty