BOGEN C20 Classic Series 20 Watt RMS PA Amplifier (00457A)

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BOGEN C20 Classic Series 20 Watt RMS PA Amplifier (00457A)

BOGEN C20 Classic Series 20 Watt RMS PA Amplifier (00457A)

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Sku: 00457A

Model: C20

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Bogen C20 Classic Series 20 Watt amplifier automatically mutes background music during pages and provides 3 inputs for installed PA systems!

The Bogen C20 is a 20 Watt PA amplifier that audio professionals consistently use. It features 3 inputs: 2 Mic and Tel, or 1 Mic, 1 Aux and Tel. A second telephone input can be added using an accessory transformer.

A built-in circuit provides microphone precedence over the Aux channel when a customer-supplied SPST switch is activated. The telephone input is signal activated and automatically mutes the Aux channel during a page.

Each input has its own volume control; a treble control is included to adjust the tonal balance of the output. The Tel channel includes screwdriver adjustable mute threshold (VOX) and volume controls.

Balanced and unbalanced outputs are provided for 4 Watt, 8 Watt, and 16 Watt speaker systems and for 25 volt and 70 volt constant voltage systems.

The C10 includes a Music-On-Hold output from the Aux input source. The input is unaffected by paging. Two output taps are provided, and screw terminals are used for all connections. The output includes a screwdriver adjustable level control on the rear panel.

Thermal and electrical protection is built in and is designed to protect the amplifier against abnormal heat build-up and short circuited or overloaded outputs.

There are other amplifiers within the Bogen Classic Series with more Watts; the C20 with 20 Watts; the C35 with 35 Watts; the C60 with 60 Watts; and with 100 Watts the C100.

You may also choose to upgrade to the BPA60 amplifier with 60 Watts and automatic overload protection; or to more powerful amplifiers with MOSFET technology, more superb performance, and reliability; the HTA125A with 125 Watts; and the HTA250A with 250 Watts.


  • 20 Watts RMS
  • rack-mountable
  • telephone, mic, & selectable mic/aux audio inputs
  • aux input muting
  • automatic muting with variable threshold for telephone
  • volume controls for each input
  • treble EQ cut
  • thermal protection and electronic shutdown
  • UL & C-UL listed


  • churches
  • schools
  • public address systems


  • Bogen C20

Warranty:2-year manufacturer's warranty