AKG D11/XLR dynamic microphone (02169)

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AKG D11/XLR dynamic microphone (02169)

AKG D11/XLR dynamic microphone (02169)

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Sku: 02169

Model: D11/XLR

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The D11/XLR is a heavy duty dynamic mic especially designed for high accuracy low end reproduction!

The AKG D11/XLR, with its 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range, is the perfect stage mic for basses and low end instruments. This mic is made for the stage and for the road, the all metal construction protecting it against rough handling, and the integrated stand adapter allowing fast and easy setup. A 16 foot XLR cable is also included.

This mic, along with many others, forms part of AKG's CSS series mics, a high quality, low cost line with mics available for a variety of applications. If you're specifically looking for a kick drum mic, for example, you should check out AKG's D112. Its' high SPL capability and frequency reproduction characteristics balance forceful impact and precise definition for an amazing sound on stage or in the studio. For guitars, percussion, and other midrange frequencies, see the D22/XLR; and the D88S for lead and backing vocals. Also available, the flexible D77S for either instruments or vocals.

AKG also offers a full line of stage mics specifically engineered for vocalists and performers. The Emotion series and TriPower series dynamic and condenser mics can be used for the most demanding of performance applications, as they combine heavy duty construction with high quality frequency response characteristics and a variety of utility features. The D3700M and D880M mics, for example, can quickly and easily be converted to wireless mics with the addition of a TM 40 transmitter module, providing an enormous amount of flexibility and reducing costs. Other features, like a selectable bass cut filter, and an output level control are also available - on the C5900M for example.

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  • cardioid pickup pattern
  • integrated stand adapter and external bracket
  • comes with a 16 ft XLR cable

  • bass amps
  • synthesizers
  • percussion
  • D11/XLR dynamic mic, 16 ft. XLR cable, stand adapter with external bracket

    Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty