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Helping the Hearing Impaired in Church Settings

ADA compliant systems for the hearing impaired

Williams Sound PPA 375 K.D. A. asks:

I recently received a request from a Pastor in Peru, Illinois wanting to know if something could be added to the churches PA system to help the hearing impaired. Is there something available?

AudioMan answers:

Hearing help is here!

The Williams Sound PPA-375 hearing assistance system features a transmitter that can be plugged into any PA system, and allows wireless FM transmission for anyone who wants his or her own personal receiver.

Rated one of the best ADA compliant systems on the market, the PPA-375 is a great assistive listening system for churches - as well as auditoriums, theaters, or large classrooms.

The system even comes with a plaque that you can hang on the wall to alert people that official hearing assistance is available. You have to love a TOTAL PACKAGE!

It is programmable to your exact applications and can operate up to 1000 feet from the transmitter. Four R35 receivers are included with batteries that can last up to 80 hours. Additional receivers can be purchased separately.

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