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Microphones for Beach Weddings

Wireless Microphones for Performing Wedding Ceremonies Outdoors

Nady Encore 1 LT/HM-1 headband wireless mic system Vicki P. asks:

I am an Authorized Civil Marriage Celebrant in need of a wireless headset microphone, and want to know what's compatible with the PA system I currently own. I have been advised that the input is a 1/4 inch (6.5 mm) jack. I need the headset, especially for beach weddings. I currently have a lapel mic, but it is not satisfactory. Can you help?

AudioMan answers:

Of course we can help, Vicki!

Fortunately, your PA system's 1/4 inch input is compatible with a wide variety of wireless headset microphone systems, so you've got a lot of choices. Here are a few mics that I think will suit your needs perfectly.

The Nady Encore 1LT/HM1 system marries (pardon the expression) an excellent headset mic to a first-rate VHF receiver. The HM1 dynamic microphone features a unidirectional polar pattern designed specifically to amplify your voice while rejecting background noise such as the surf or the wind on the beach. The Encore 1R receiver has an operating range of up to 250 feet or 500 feet in optimal line of sight conditions, so you can officiate weddings in the ocean and still be heard on the beach! (Not that I recommend something like that, of course...). A body pack transmitter is also included.

Nady ENCORE II LTHM1 Headset Wireless Microphone System If you like the sound of that mic system but want to take it to the next level, I highly recommend the Nady Encore II. The Encore II comes with a wireless handheld mic. The big difference with this system is that it has a dual diversity receiver - which is really two receivers in one. A comparison circuit selects the receiver with the strongest frequency reception to minimize dropouts and increase clarity. And when you're performing wedding ceremonies, it's important that the bride and groom hear every word before saying "I do!"

Audio2000 AWM6012UH UHF 2 Ch. wireless microphone system Another excellent system for your purposes is the Audio2000 AWM6012UH. Unlike the two Nady systems mentioned above, this system operates in the UHF bandwidth, which offers greater clarity than VHF systems. It includes two headset mics (never hurts to have a spare!) as well as a foam carrying case which will make taking everything to and from the beach a little easier. The AWM6012UH has an operating range of over 100 feet. Its high-sensitivity cardioid microphone is coupled with a body pack transmitter with built-in noise reduction features.

Still not sure whether to say "I do" to any of these mics? Take a look at more of our wireless microphone packages.

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