Williams PKT 2.0 SYS-1Patient Communication Kit

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Ergonomic, lightweight design; Extended high and low frequency range; Superior sound quality; Internal microphone; Built-in T-coil loop compatible; Rechargeable ready.

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The tools in this kit are designed to help strengthen communication and minimize frustration associated with healthcare provider-to-patient interaction — from clinic visits to emergency room encounters to in-patient, hospital-room discussions. Ideal for one-on-one conversations with elders. This kit features the Pocketalker® personal amplifier, which provides superior amplification of sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. Lightweight, portable and easy to clean, ideal for multiple-patient use. Ease of use means minimal staff training required. Can be used with or without hearing aids. ADA compliant. Rechargeable ready with the optional BAT KT7 charger.

Includes: PKT 2.0 Pocketalker personal amplifier; CCS 043 system carry case; EAR 045-100 sanitary headphone covers (100 pack); WND 012 sanitary microphone covers (100 pack); Cleaning Instructions.

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